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Find the Perfect Holiday Home in Burgundy

Burgundy, France is a beautiful and unique part of the world often referred to as "the land of fine art and living". This amazing region is perfect for your family's next holiday.

Enjoy a boat cruise with your family on the Burgundy Canal, which spans over 155 miles (250 kilometers) in length. This picturesque canal features elegant curves and bends featuring views of the surrounding plains and endless skies.

This wonderful man-made waterway connects the Mediterranean Sea to Northern Europe, and your family can enjoy several activities on these waters including swimming, boating, kayaking, and cruises. Enjoy a relaxing boat cruise with your family or partner, while taking in the tremendously beautiful views surrounding you. 

Burgundy, France has a deep history which is a combination of crafting by The Celtics, Romans, and Cistercians. Settle down for a family picnic along the canals and rivers, or on the beautiful sprawling plains. This particular region features a wide variety of wines, cheeses (flavors ranging from mild to strong), and meats.

The Burgundy region boasts a variety of dietary choices that will surely please any palette. Enjoy these cheeses with fresh bread or wine, and then indulge in the delicious Boeuf Bourguignon that Burgundy has to offer. This particular beef is bred from white Charolaise Cattle, cultivated in the fertile land surrounding the Burgundy waterways. After dining, take a step back with your camera to capture this unique beauty surrounding you. 

Introduce your family to Burgundy's rich history by planning a day trip to Guédelon Castle. This historic site will surely intrigue you and your family, with its sprawling beauty and rich history. Perfect for children as well as the entire family, you will be immersed in the time period of 1200 AD, surrounded by individuals dressed in medieval clothing, animals (geese, roosters and several other birds), Clydesdale horses, and pigs.

Enjoy all of this while you take in the beauty of a tranquil water wheel. Relax and have a picnic or enjoy the delicious food which is offered at the Castle. 

Morvan Regional National Park is a protected area of lakes, farmland and woodlands which is located in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of central France. It is easy to access from Burgundy and is a magnificent 173,000 acres of beauty. The Morvan Regional National Park was established in 1970 and is the perfect location to take a family walk, have a picnic, play outdoor games, and engage in photography. 

A Burgundy vacation home will provide access to limitless beauty, peace, and tranquility awaiting you and your family. With breathtaking views, delicious cuisine and a deep history, Burgundy is a must-visit destination and is awaiting you and your family. Find the perfect holiday home in Burgundy, France right now!

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