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Unique Landscape Views Await you in Beautiful Central Jutland

From calm beaches to windy shores, flatlands to forests, Central Jutland is Denmark's most scenically diverse region.

This landscape diversity makes it one of the most beautiful places to spend time outdoors. In Central Jutland, there's a destination for every mood.

If it's high-end, world-renowned art you seek, Aarhus is Jutland's favorite city and the second-largest in the country. Located on the east coast, Aarhus mixes vibrant energy with an old-world feel.

The city's New Nordic food scene is one of the most exciting things about the city. In Aarhus, you can experience cuisine created with local ingredients in portions that your whole family can enjoy.

Also, in Aarhus is the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum. This red-brick structure houses an impressive host of works from the Golden Age. The museum also has pieces of Danish modernism and contemporary art. The most notable exhibit in the museum is the Your Rainbow Panorama, a 360-degree rooftop window that lets visitors see the city in all its many colors.

A must-see when visiting Central Jutland is Billund's Lego House. 25 million Legos await you to build robots, create movies, and bring aquatic friends to life. It's fun for all ages and the perfect place to let your imagination run wild. The Lego House restaurant allows you to build your order to keep up with the creative spirit.

Visit the town built by the winds in Hvide Sande. This unique destination is the fish capital of Central Jutland. The harbor is literally swimming with fish, and there is a fish auction each morning. You can even visit the fishing museum and aquarium for a deeper look at Hvide Sande's livelihood. In Hvide Sande you can take a fishing trip with the town's best anglers, attend an auction, or go on a boat tour in the summer. Windsurfing is the sport of choice in Hvide Sande.

Outdoor fun and landscape photography happen in Rold Skov. The Rold Skov is the second-largest forest in the entire country, a vast sea of trees just waiting to be explored. Hiking and biking trails lead you through a mix of aspen and oak trees. The views are unparalleled, and the air is refreshing. The nearby Rebild Bakker offers horse-riding, fishing, and even golf, making it a perfect day-trip destination.

If you are up for a Middle Age adventure, head to Spøttrup Castle. It lies on the road less traveled, but it is truly a hidden treasure of Denmark. The castle is very well-preserved, and posters written in Danish and German around the fortress explain the history in great detail. It's a wonder to admire and an incredible learning experience. Many artifacts are also on display to give you a deeper look into the history surrounding the castle.

Another wind-shaped destination in Central Jutland is Rabjerg Mile. Patterns in the sands and dunes are constantly shape-shifting to create an ever-changing coastal landscape. It's the perfect place to see spectacular views you won't find anywhere else.

Enjoy a day with the family at Puglund Put & Take in the beautiful nature of Starup between Grindsted and Varde.

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