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Dalarna: The home of Painted Horses and Copper Mines

Bordering Norway on the west, Dalarna County stretches the width of Sweden, almost reaching Stockholm.

The vastness of Dalarna lends to its diversity, encompassing rugged lands, glistening lakes, and tumbling hills.

The Dalahäst painted horse of Swedish legends originated in Dalarna, a symbol that is central in the folklore of the culture. Falun, the capital of the county, hosts a UNESCO World Heritage copper mine. 

The mine in Falun is a must-see while staying in your holiday home in Dalarna. The Falu Gruva used to be the world's most critical mine back in the 17th century. Sweden's treasure chest paid for wars and a lot of red paint for hillside cottages!

Above ground, the Mine Museum can provide you with historical insights. You can also take an hour-long tour underground to get a look at the renowned mine. 

If you love animals, the Orsa Rovdjurspark proudly calls itself home to bears, foxes, lynx, and wolves. This predatory park also offers hiking and cycling tours with interesting themes. It's a wonderful activity that the entire family can enjoy during your trip to Dalarna. The best time to visit is during feeding time. The animals can be a bit skittish otherwise and tend to hide out in the woods. 

The Dalarnas Museum is a kid-friendly, hands-on Swedish folk art museum that encourages you to touch everything! Unlike many hands-off museums, the Dalarnas Museum offers an immersive look at Swedish music and costumes. Arts and crafts, graphic arts, and Selma Lagerlöf’s study are all on display here. 

The old Dalhalla limestone quarry now serves as an open-air summertime venue for concerts and other productions. Go there to catch one of the performances and be astounded by the amazing acoustics or take a tour of the venue in the early afternoon. 

Back in Falun, you can peek into Sweden's art history at the Carl Larsson house, one of Sweden's most famous historical buildings.

The children of the famous artist carefully preserved the home of their parents as a memorial, but it is far from depressing. Larsson's home is a work of art itself. Color, interesting furniture, and family photos give the house an air of good humor and warmth. Carl's wife was quite the artist as well. Her tapestries still hang on the walls of the historic home.

Dalarna is also the place for winter sports due to the soft white snow. For skiing fun in Dalarna, you can head to the Skistar Salen or the Romme Alpin. The slopes are gracious, and the views are beautiful as you glide downhill.

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