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Finland is For Family: Theme Parks, Animals, and Spies

Finland's tourism is steadily growing, and children's attractions are playing a key part of this. Whether it's theme parks in the summer or Santa in the winter, Finland always has something to keep little ones entertained, making it the perfect place to go on a holiday with your family. Here are some fun ideas for things to do when you are staying at your holiday home in Finland. 

Located in Tampere, the Särkänniemi center includes an amusement park, an art museum, a planetarium, an arcade, and an aquarium. Särkänniemi mixes fun and educational activities to create an unforgettable experience for you and your children. Younger kids love Angry Birds land and your older kids will have plenty of rides and arcade games for fun that lasts all day. If you aren't sure what to do, just show up at Särkänniemi and decide when you get there! 

If you have animal-loving children, they can get up close and personal with Finnish wildlife at the Predator Center. Sulo Karjalainen raises critters in need of a home and allows people to observe them. At the Predator Center, you will be able to get a close look at lynx, foxes, and bears. It is especially interesting to watch them at dinner time. 

If you have heard of the Iditarod that takes place each year in Alaska, you are probably familiar with mushing. In Finland, your kids can give their mushing skills a shot on a Husky safari. Being led by beautiful Husky dogs through the white snows of Lapland beats a normal sleigh ride any day. 

The exhibits in the Tampere Spy Museum are very hands-on for an interactive and immersive experience that allows you to feel like 007 himself. Here you will discover the biographies of the world's best spies and learn about lie detecting, false identifications, and eavesdropping. 

If you're up for a fairy tale, take a trip to Finland's Olavinlinna Castle. You and your family will get a tour of the castle and be able to try on costumes modeled after the period. 

If you are visiting Finland in July, head to Åland for a chance to fully experience Viking culture. You can wear Viking attire, dine on Viking-inspired foods, and experience live entertainment and plays. If you have kids who love Vikings, or you are a Vikings buff yourself, you simply must go to the Viking Market! 

Do your kids have shiny object syndrome? Why not take them panning for gold at Finland's Tankavaara Gold Village? Lapland was the hub for gold miners during the Gold Rush in the 1870s. Gold and gemstones discovered by your kids are theirs to keep, making the hunt even more exhilarating.

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