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Gotland: An Island Adventure in the Baltic Sea

Enjoy Picturesque Views and Diverse Sights While Staying in Your Holiday Home in Gotland.

Located off of Sweden's southeastern coast, this lovely island is the most beautiful destination in the country. Gotland is a quiet slice of heaven that offers serene beaches and tranquil villages.

Gotland can seem eerie at times due to how small the population is, but its capital city compensates for that. Visby is a Unesco World Heritage Site and the entire island reminds visitors of the feudal era.

While staying in Gotland, you will be able to take a step back to medieval times and experience the everlasting beauty of the island. 

Start off your trip in Visby for a look at the historical city walls that still stand today. This coastal capital isn't well known to non-European travelers, but it is a destination you won't want to miss.

Along with awe-inspiring walls, Visby is home to medieval church ruins, the Gotland Art Museum, and Pippi Longstocking. During July and August, you can also catch Gotland's most exciting week-long events, Almedalen Week and Medieval Week. The well-preserved village dates back to the 12th century! 

The Lummelunda Cave lies just north of Visby and is one of Gotland's most popular spots. The cave is 4.5 kilometers long. While the entrance to the cave has always been well-known, it wasn't until the 1940s that a band of three brave boys explored the depth of it. It is now open to tourists for viewing and exploring the narrow nooks and crannies. 

For a relaxing beach day, head to Ljugarn. Situated on Gotland's Eastern Coast, Ljugarn is a beautiful stretch of beach facing the Baltic Sea that was once a summer hideaway for the affluent Swedes in the 1860s. If you don't want to hang out under the sun, you are spoiled for choices of restaurants and shops along the main road. 

For a bit of Viking fun, head to the Stavgard Iron Age Village. Legend has it that a great and powerful Viking lived here. Most of the area is still untouched by archaeologists, but so far, the evidence points to a booming trade economy in the Viking Age. When treasure was discovered in 1975, the model village was built to reflect the lifestyle and culture of previous periods. 

Gotland is also home to many small fishing villages. You can learn a lot about the culture and feel fully-absorbed in the experience by hopping around from town to town and getting to know the locals. Smoked fish and fresh bread make for a great picnic on the pier!

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