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Halland: The Undiscovered Territory

Halland is a hidden jewel located on the southwest coast of Sweden.

Some of the most pristine beaches in Europe are along the coastal section of the region while the countryside sports little nuggets of adventure that a whole family can enjoy.

Unique restaurants, farms, and towns pepper the area with invitations to family adventure. 

The Halland area provides several beaches with easy access. The most famous is the Tylosand Strand near Halmstad where golden sand greets the visiting family’s feet with an invitation to run and the sea that invites wading and swimming during the summer months.

Not far behind in reputation is Getteron, a former island near Varberg that is presently connected to the mainland via a causeway that has several lovely beaches - smaller than those found at Tylosand Strand but providing more privacy for family excursions. 

Fresh food is a staple along the seashore areas of Halland. Restaurants sports signs indicating the catch of the day seasoned with local herbs as the staple diet in the area. Visitors discover new tastes that please the pallet in these eateries beckoning the whole family to return for a unique culinary experience every day. 

All along the coast of the region, small beaches provide families with frequent opportunities to find crab shells, shiny stones, and warm sands, all of which adds memory to any excursion. Easy access to these areas where tangled reeds hide pathways right up to the edge of the sands lets a family find the peace of the ocean far away from trampling crowds. 

Cities along the coast of the Halland region host unique architectural experiences like the Varberg Fortress that hangs over the sea near Varberg, or the Kvinnohuvud, a sculpture of a woman by Pablo Picasso that stands near the shore in Halmstad. The two attractions serve notice of the importance of the Halland region through the ages. 

The Halland region is host to several wildlife and nature reserve areas. The Getteron Wildlife Preserve is home to an abundant variety of bird life. Waders and geese native to the area are observable in their natural habitat in this preserved area attracting birdwatchers and nature lovers alike. Families find a shared experience in such places throughout the Halland region. 

In the countryside of the Halland area, small towns like Ugglarp and Sloinge host some of the best home owned and operated cafes in all of Sweden. Organic farms with shops carry herbs, spices, vegetables, and meats for the passing visitor. 

Throughout the Halland area, there are unique sites located here and there that almost demand a visit. The Grimeton Radio Station Museum outside Varberg is the last remaining long-wave radio station. Once a piece of the transatlantic defense communication network, the station is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

These are just a few of the family adventures that await visitors in the Halland area. With so many activities for family fun available, the Halland region demands several days to explore. Renting a holiday home in Halland gives a family an opportunity to discover all the areas possibilities.

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