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The Mountainous Paradise of Harz

The Harz area is a mountainous region that extends across the heart of the country. Mountains, hills and valleys predominate the landscape along with various lakes and rivers.

Harz is an ideal holiday location for outdoor enthusiasts and novice or experienced photographers. The area also features a number of caves and mines ripe for exploration. Quaint medieval villages seem untouched by time. Guests young and old enjoy the great outdoors while visiting historic destinations. 

The trails atop Brocken Mountain beckon to be explored. Embark on an adrenaline-pumping hike to the summit. Or, take the Brocken Railway for a scenic ride through lush forests to the top. Take in the panoramic views that on a clear day enable visitors to see for hundreds of miles. Learn how the site was an important military stronghold during WWII.

Hike the paths and enjoy Mother Nature's beauty. Perhaps indulge in a picnic lunch while taking in the surroundings. 

The region also has a number of mines that have been since converted into museums. The Rammelsberg Museum is such a destination. The mine was in operations for approximately 1,000 years and produced ample quantities of copper, gold, lead and silver.

Guided tours take guests more than 90 feet down into the recesses for the chance to explore the old mining tunnels and see the industrial equipment. The Upper Harz Mining Museum and the Samson Mine are other points of interest. 

Show caves are also in abundance in the Harz area and welcome visitors who enjoy exploring subterranean environments. The Unicorn Cave was discovered in the 16th century and remains the largest in the region. Animal bones found here were believed to have belonged to unicorns and used for medicinal purposes. The Barbarossa Cave is equally impressive. Learn the history and legends involving the massive caverns and local royals. 

Along with charming and historic medieval villages, the Harz area is also ripe with castles to explore. The Wernigerode Castle was constructed during the 12th century in Romanesque style. Over the years, Renaissance and Neo-Gothic renovations were added. The exterior of the romantic castle features terraced gardens and parks.

A tour of the interior takes guests to dozens of rooms to catch a glimpse of the historic décor, furnishings and lifestyle of the elite. Throughout the year, the expansive courtyard plays host to concerts. Annual festivities include the Knight's Festival that brings to life many characters from the past. Jousting, archery and other activities are available during this time. 

The region is equally popular during winter when various resorts welcome guests to indulge in various sports. Alpine skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, tubing and ice skating are popular past times. 

Guests cannot fully appreciate the beauty and opportunities that await in the Harz region without indulging in an extended stay. For the ultimate in comfortable accommodations, choose a holiday home in Harz. Staying in a home affords guests all the privacy they desire in addition to the freedom of coming and going according to your schedule.

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