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Visit the Iconic City of London

Looking for a vacation in a holiday home in London? Great idea! London is a beautiful, iconic city that you really ought to visit at least once (and probably many more times afterwards).

We're sure you know this already, since you've probably seen images of London in a lot of movies. Perhaps some of the most iconic features of London are Big Ben and the double-decker buses that run all along the city. Rest assured that if you go to London, you will certainly get the chance to see both of those.

Besides that, there is still a lot to do in London. If you're a fan or art or history, then you really shouldn't miss out on the museums. London is home of the National Gallery, the third most-visited art museum in the world. If you want to see paintings by the old masters like Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and numerous others, then the National Gallery is the place to be. Perhaps the best part is that you don't need to buy tickets to enter - so you can visit and see the art as often as you please. 

If history is more your style, then you absolutely must visit the British Museum. Like the National Gallery, this museum is also free to visit and includes historical artifacts from all different time periods and all over the world. The museum is huge and practically impossible to view completely in one day, so the non-existent entrance fee will really come in handy if you're the type of person, who enjoys spending hours immersed in ancient artifacts. 

Besides museums, there is also Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens houses the largest botanical collection in the world, and all of it is arranged in an absolutely breathtaking way. Come walk among the trees, view the dozens of water lily varieties and explore the numerous tropical greenhouses. Afterwards you can get yourself a tea and some pastries at Kew Garden's cafe. It is a wonderful place to spend a sunny day.

While you're in London, you should also try the famous London dish known as fish and chips. There is no lack of places that sell this dish, so you won't have any trouble finding a good place to try it. What also should be on your list, is to go somewhere for high tea. High tea usually involves drinking tea and eating a variety of delicious pastries: a quintessential English experience. 

Traveling around London is incredibly easy thanks to the earlier-mentioned double-decker buses and thanks to the London metro system, known as the "London Underground" or simply "The Underground". With all of London's numerous public transport options, you'll have absolutely no trouble getting anywhere you wish to go.

Since London is simply a stupendous city with countless things to see, we're sure you'll come to appreciate the Underground and the buses quite a lot.

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