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Lorraine Thrills with Arts, Animals, Coasters and History

Families renting a holiday home in Lorraine, in northeastern France, have multiple art museums, zoos, theme parks, and historical sites to enjoy within an easy hour’s drive. You’ll love the scenery, too, consisting of many river valleys with views of the nearby Vosges mountains. Embark on an unforgettable adventure. 

In Lorraine, you’ll have plenty of chances to expose your family to culture. The most famous art museum, the Centre Pompidou-Metz, both displays modern art from the National Museum of Modern Art and celebrates the local art scene. Live shows in its theater promote local artists. Another well-known art museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy, dates back to 1793 and holds works by famous artists including Claude Monet. 

Discover your wild side in Lorraine in the zoos. Check out the Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix, a 120-hectare park featuring 1500 freely-roaming animals of European origin. An hour-long safari train ride takes you and your family through the park. More exotic animals roam at the 17-hectare Zoo d’Amneville.

At Amneville, a live tiger show thrills children and adults of all ages. See the lamas up close at La Montagnes des Lamas. Head indoors at the Nancy Museum-Aquarium and see insects and marine creatures. 

Brave four roller coasters and five water rides at Walygator Parc. Fraispertuis City Theme Park boasts three roller coasters and three water rides. The Pierre Percee Country Lakes has swimming, go-kart rides, paintball, and water tube rides. You can also tackle several aerial adventure parks with zip lines in the region, including Bol d’air in La Bresse, Tepacap in Bitche, and Foret’Vasion in Sivry-sur-Meuse. 

Educate the family about important world history in Lorraine. The memorial, battlefield, and Fort Douaumont in the Verdun area commemorate the largest battle of World War I on the Western Front. French troops beat back a major German attack at Verdun. In La Tranchee de Chattancourt, experience what it would have been like to have been a soldier in a WWI trench.

WWII history also comes alive at Gros Ouvrage Maginot du Hackenberg, a fortress with underground tunnels, excellent exhibits, and guided tours. The Lorraine American cemetery near St. Avold contains over 10,000 graves of American soldiers killed during WWII. 

Whether exploring historical events in WWI and WWII fortifications, screaming on a zip line through the treetops in an adventure park, watching the tigers in a live show, or seeing Monet’s masterpiece, your family will have a blast. You will have a vacation to remember in Lorraine.

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