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Lower Austria: Medieval Charm on the Danube 

Lower Austria fully encompasses the city of Vienna. Not only does it hold this renowned city, but it is also the hub of Austrian culture.

As one of the nine states in the country, Lower Austria offers a touch of Roman history with a picturesque backdrop.

The famed Danube River winds through the northwest of the region, adding the final touch to the abundant natural beauty. 

Located in the Vienna Woods, the Naturpark Sparbach was founded in 1962. Wild boars roam free in the park where visitors can explore the ruins, admire the tall trees, and play in the meadows.

Naturpark Sparbach is home to the Diana Temple, the Johannstein Ruin, and the Köhlerhaus Ruin. There is also a visitor's center and a petting zoo with bunnies, sheep, donkeys, and goats. 

Melk Abbey is a must-see structure when visiting Lower Austria. This baroque building is absolutely magnificent! It really shows itself off when the sun shines brightly over it. Situated on the Danube, this awe-inspiring abbey is the centerpiece of the Wachau Valley.

The most notable aspect of Melk Abbey's interior is the multi-room library. The main hall alone is home to over 16,000 volumes, with a ceiling fresco overhead. Twelve other rooms containing 100,000 volumes are not open to the public. The entire abbey is truly a sight to behold. 

Lower Austria is a dream come true for lovers of the outdoors. It is home to 3,286 hiking trails! Just a few of the most popular trails include the Schluchtenweg trail, the Johannesbachklamm, and the Langenlois wine trail. Lower Austria oozes with unmatched natural beauty, making it the perfect destination for picnics, leisurely strolls, and athletic jogs. 

Your trip to Lower Austria wouldn't be complete without a visit to Vienna. East of the Danube River, Vienna gave the world Mozart, Freud, and Beethoven. It's an intellectual and artistic hub that makes for a great day trip. The one thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Vienna is the famous Schönbrunn Palace. Since the 1600s, the 1441-room palace has been a key part of Vienna life. 

Another structural wonder located in Vienna is St. Stephen's Cathedral. As the most important church in the country, this structure stands remarkably beautiful. It reaches high into the skies above Vienna and can't help but be noticed by everyone in the city.

The opulent church shows off its clear Gothic influence on its facade, while the interior hosts 18 altars, a few chapels, and catacombs. Even the roof is immaculate, featuring countless tiles that come together to form a pattern. 

No matter what you choose to do while staying in your holiday home in Lower Austria, you are sure to have a distinctly unique experience that you and your family will remember for years to come. From the grand architecture to the gorgeous trails, Lower Austria is the perfect place for trying new things and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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