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Family Holiday in Lower Saxony

The German region of Lower Saxony lies along the northwestern border of the state.

The terrain varies from the western coast along the North Sea to the inland hills to the southern Harz Mountains. There are also four rivers that run north and south through the territory.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy a number of activities that include cycling, hiking and horseback riding along with canoeing, kayaking and fishing. When the snow falls, winter sports fans head to the Snow Dome for skiing, snowboarding and toboggan rides. The historic cities and villages also have much to offer. 

Families might consider a trip to the Heide Park Resort amusement park. Thrill seekers enjoy riding Colossos, which is the tallest wooden roller coaster on the planet. The cars also travel at the exhilarating rate of 75 mph.

The Krake coaster is another adrenaline-pumping ride that quickly plummets vertically into the mouth of an octopus. The park is divided into the “Land of the Forgotten People,” “Totenkopf Pirate Bay” and “Transylvania.” Each area has themed rides and adventures. Guests of all ages also enjoy the live shows demonstrating the antics of marine animals and the skill of acrobats. 

The Volkswagen Group invites visitors of all ages to tour their Autostadt facility. The 69-acre site includes a parkland, lagoon and futuristic architecture. The car museum displays vehicles created by more than 60 different automotive manufacturers. Guests also have the chance to test drive new vehicles on a test track or enjoy a relaxing boat ride around the property. Maybe embark on an off-road adventure on a specially designed course. 

The Kiekebergy open-air museum is a wonderful place to take a glimpse into the past. Young and old guests alike learn what life was like without indoor plumbing, modern appliances and electronic gadgets. The location features historical buildings that house a number of interactive stations that demonstrate the skills needed to live 150 years ago. 

The Walsrode Bird Park remains popular with bird-watchers and animal lovers. The facility cares for approximately 4,200 birds from 675 different species. The park features a tropical rainforest, indoor aviaries and massive enclosures. Live demonstrations provide the chance to see the birds in flight under the direction of staff members. An indoor animal show entertains and educates guests, as the audience is introduced to various exotic animals. 

The exquisite Schloss Marienburg Castle welcomes guests and offers many different tours. Follow a costumed guide through the estate to see the private rooms and staterooms once occupied by the royal family and their guests. The interior features original furnishings and décor. Theatrical-themed tours are also available. 

Consider booking a holiday home in Lower Saxony. Choose a home based on the attractions you want to see or in a centrally located area of the territory. Staying in a home ensures privacy while providing all of the comforts of home. Enjoy the fact that you can come and go as you please.

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