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Enjoy the Exciting Island of Majorca

There are many things to do in Majorca, Spain, for the entire family to enjoy. The biggest Balearic Island, off the eastern coast of Spain, is most popular for its small town charm, blue ocean waters, and white sandy beaches.

The history of the Christian church Catedral de Mallorca is unique, because it started out as a mosque while under Muslim rule. New construction began in the 13th century, by the order of James I, King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona. Every one hundred years there has been a considerable amount of work done, making this Cathedral something to remember. There are still regular masses held each morning, but it is recommended to check the website for times and periodic closings. 

Within the town of Porto Cristo you will find, Cuevas del Drach, the most impressive cave on the island. It extends out 1,200 meters, with much to see in the way of wall and ceiling formations. You will also experience a beautiful underground lake that includes a concert and a majestic boat ride for visitors. There are many caves on the island, it is recommended to be sure of your destination. 

This impressive Palma Aquarium and park holds fifty-five tanks and seven-hundred unique species of sea life from the Earth’s oceans. The aquarium is known for having the deepest shark tank in Europe, at 28 ft., and the most extensive assortment of live coral.

Here you will experience a lively presentation of the world’s oceans and seas, an impressive tropical rainforest, Mediterranean gardens, the Big Blue (shark tank), a jellyfish tank, and many other activities, such as, diving with sharks, swimming with stingrays, a shark sleepover, and themed birthday parties. 

Serra de Tramuntana runs southwest and northeast off the rounded edges of Mallorca. In 2011 Tramuntana was given World Heritage Status, by the organization UNESCO, for its cultural and physical importance. There are historic towns, agricultural landscapes, ancient irrigation systems, and plenty of maintained hiking trails available to enjoy. With so much to choose from, taking a tour or buying a map is recommended. 

Located to the southeast of Mallorca and near the town of Santanyi, Cala Mondrago is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. This beach is considered a natural park and has been given a Blue Flag status, along with 60 other beaches in Mallorca, which protects it from mass tourism and commercial development. The beach will still get crowded at times, but the waters are clean, and the beach is looked after and kept clean. Parking at the nature reserve, and walking a short distance to the beach is recommended. 

When renting a holiday home in Majorca, there are many beaches, hiking trails, tours, and historical towns to experience and enjoy. Taking the time to research a few of the activities, will make all the difference.

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