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Ore Mountains: One of Germany's Most Beautiful Mountain Villages

The German Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) is ideal for the adventurous family.

Known for its scenery and unmatched views, Erzgebirge is one of Germany's well-kept secrets. Within the greater region of Saxony, the Ore Mountains will give you and your family the chance to get hands-on with some of the country's famous nature. 

From hiking to mountain biking, the Ore Mountains have something for everyone. As the highest mountain town in Germany, the village gives visitors a one-of-a-kind experience and stunning views. A holiday home in Ore Mountains will give you and your family a chance to take in everything this marvelous region has to offer. 

The village is most popular for its winter sports. While its low altitude makes it more challenging for beginners, there are many different family options to consider even if you're a complete novice. You may enjoy a simple sled ride or biking along some of the mountainous trails. You could take a beginner's ski lesson or sit back and unwind in front of the fireplace while you watch the snow fall. 

From top to bottom, the Ore Mountains are steeped in history and adventure. Underground, tunnels from the old mining days still exist. After the mines closed, miners began mastering the art of wood making. Today, the Ore Mountains are the birthplace of the Christmas nutcracker. In fact, the original nutcrackers did not look like soldiers at all but instead tiny mine foremen. 

Today, the nutcrackers of Ore Mountains are just one of many incredible souvenirs you can buy. The best time to visit is during the holiday season when the village is transformed into a storybook winter wonderland. Santa Claus himself would rival the Christmas market, which is packed full of vendors selling nutcrackers, hand-painted ornaments, dozens upon dozens of unique toys. 

Children will be delighted by all the dollhouses, puzzles and figurines that line the marketplace stalls. The entire family will be able to learn more about the tradition of woodworking in Ore Mountains, including unique strategies and techniques that have helped solidify the region's reputation. 

Just a short distance from Ore Mountains is Dresden, Saxony's capital and second most populated city. Dresden not only features rolling country sides that are perfect for scenic drives and picnics; it also features a bustling Baroque city that weds modern amenities with historic elegance. 

A holiday home will give you the chance to rest, unwind and recharge after a long and exciting day exploring the Ore Mountains. With incredible views and ample space, each rental feature luxury and comfort that make your vacation truly feel like a fairytale.

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