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Have a Lovely Family Vacation in Rhine-Mosel

The Rhine and Mosel Valleys in Germany are perfect places for a relaxing family vacation.

These valleys reminds you of traditional German storybook locations with charming castles and traditional architecture along beautiful clear rivers. 

The Rhine Gorge can be seen while driving or cycling through the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, or by taking a cruise along the river. Children may enjoy cycling in particular as the thrill of cruising by the river high above is unparalleled. The famous Lorely Rock, a huge rock that rises vertically in the air at 200 meters, is a stunning natural wonder your family may come across. 

There are many cathedrals in this area for the art and history inclined. Cologne Cathedral is perhaps the most well known in the area. It has the second tallest spires in Northern Europe and is a staple attraction of the area. It also houses many historical and artistic treasures such as the Shrine of the Three Kings and the Crucifix of Bishop Gero. Older children who have a sense of art and religion may appreciate this cathedral. 

A particularly fun outing for adventurous children could be the Rheinfels Castle in St. Goar. Families can ride up to the castle on a train and explore the castle’s abandoned tunnels by candlelight. In Rüdesheim, your family can ride a cable car up into to hill, over the vineyards, and enjoy a wonderful view of the river. This town also has cute little souvenir shops and Christmas shops year round that children will be delighted to peruse. 

For younger children, the Puppen und Baren Museum in St Goar- Burg Reinfields is perfect. This little museum includes traditional German dolls and teddy bears as well as a miniature dollhouse and a toy shop. You may have trouble tearing away your little ones! 

On the Rhine River promenade, next to Hansen-Platz, there is a miniature golf place with 18 holes. This is perfect for kids who need a break from the scenery, the castles, and the unusual attractions. Miniature golf is great or a bit of "normal" fun amidst all the sightseeing. 

The Sayn Butterfly Garden at Sayn Schloss is another great place to take kids. The Garten der Schmetterlinge is nice and warm, even on days with bad weather, and you will be able to see hundreds of beautiful butterflies flitting about. On good weather days, the outdoor nature trail is a good place to see the native vegetation of the area. 

One may not think of the beach as a typical place to go on a trip to Germany, but there are in fact many lovely sand beaches lining the west side of the Rhine. Many local families relax there with their children and dogs. A holiday home in Rhine - Mosel would be a great idea for a family vacation.

The Rhine and Mosel Valleys are truly gorgeous and lovely places to vacation with family. These two areas have it all, with everything from cathedrals to beautiful scenery.

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