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Saxony-Anhalt - Explore the Heart of Germany

Saxony-Anhalt lies in the heart of Germany. The spectacular landscape varies from vast farmland and vineyards to the mountains of the Harz National Park.

Large cities and quaint villages welcome guests and provide a chance to learn about regional history.

Historic abbeys, cathedrals, castles and palaces stand among modern-day architecture. The various activities and attractions found here appeal to guests of all generations. 

Anyone interested in touring historic cathedrals might venture to the Naumburg Cathedral. Construction on the structure began in 1028 with renovations occurring over the next three centuries. The Saxony-Anhalt area gave birth to the Reformation and the cathedral has a history that includes Martin Luther.

During the early 1500s, Martin Luther appointed the first Lutheran bishop here. The vast complex features stunning architecture, sculptures and stained glass. Statues depict various Biblical events from the Last Supper through the Crucifixion. The grounds also feature gardens and ponds. 

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy touring the Harz Mountains Nature Park that is popular for hiking in the summer and skiing during winter. The location is filled with history and legends that include rumors of occult activity in years gone by.

Hike along the Goethe or Harz Witches Trail if you dare. Fitness buffs trek to the peak of Mount Brocken. However, there is a railway that takes less active guests to the top of the summit. The park also boasts a number of unusual rock formations. 

Castle Falkenstein dates back to the 11th century and has origins involving murder and intrigue. Today, the fortress serves as a museum that welcomes guests to tour the expansive estate. Night time flashlight tours are also available for anyone not fearful of the dark.

The well-maintained castle provides a glimpse of the elegant décor and furnishings along with an immense collection of artwork. See the living quarters, the Knight's Hall and the dungeons. From March through October, handlers also offer predatory bird demonstrations on the grounds. 

Guests having an interest in exploring enjoy touring the Baumann's Cave. The caverns were first discovered during the 16th century and have had many famous guests. In addition to the array of stalactites, stalagmites and other formations, the cave's largest chamber is popular for hosting concerts and theatrical performances. The cave is also renowned for its many archaeological discoveries that include cave bear remains. 

Mining was once an important industry in the Saxony-Anhalt region. Fluorite and silver were once mined and smelted at the Glasbach Pit. Today, the location is a mining museum. The destination enables guests to learn how the minerals were obtained and processed. Tours of the facility bring guests face-to-face with various types of mining equipment and artifacts. 

Accommodation options in the region include the chance to reserve a holiday home in Saxony-Anhalt. The lodging option is ideal for families with children who are able to enjoy a relaxing time and plenty of privacy.

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