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Explore Historic Northern Germany in Schleswig-Holstein

The region known as Schleswig-Holstein is found at the bottom of the Jutland Peninsula bordered by the Baltic and North Seas in northern Germany.

The location is popular among guests who enjoy being outdoors or engaging in water sports. The scenic coastal areas boast stunning beaches that entice visitors to go boating.

Go canoeing or kayaking along one of the rivers. Pathways invite cyclists to explore the area. 

Anyone interested in maritime or military history make a point of visiting the Kiel Maritime Museum. Here visitors have the chance to tour a German U-995 submarine that stands on Laboe Beach. The vessel was used by the Nazis during WWII. It was later obtained by Norway.

The Norwegians performed repairs on the sub and displayed it until the 1960s. They then gifted the vessel back to Germany. Today, the sub is a museum that provides the chance to experience what life was like for sailors in the extremely small quarters. Take a tour of the cabins, control rooms, the engine room and the torpedo tubes. 

During the summer months, the Stockenstieg trail opens to enable nature lovers to explore the Eiderstedt peninsula. The pathway is tiled but narrow and has bridges that cross the wetlands. The path ends at the Westerhever lighthouse. A tour of the facility offers a chance to learn how the structure functioned and includes scaling the 157 steps to the top where stunning panoramic views await. 

Adventurous guests might consider learning to surf at one of the beaches. The coastal locations also offer kite and windsurfing opportunities. Instructors are on hand to teach the basics to beginners or offer tips to the more experienced. International surfing competitions are regularly hosted in the region. Stroll along the boardwalk or relax in the sun on a warm summer's day. 

The elegant Glucksburg Palace remains one of the most frequented attractions in the Schleswig-Holstein regions. The estate was constructed on the Flensburg Fjord where Germany borders Denmark. Touring the palace provides guests with the chance to explore centuries of German history. See the amazing décor, furnishings and artwork that grace the Renaissance palatial home. 

The Buddenbrookhaus was constructed in 1758 and offers a glimpse into life as an affluent citizen. Along with the chance to gaze upon the fine décor and furnishings, different areas tell the life history of the author Heinrich Mann and his family who once lived here. Although suffering extensive damage during WWII, the home was renovated and returned to its former glory. Within the house, guests are welcome to explore the bookstore that offers a wide selection of literature and gifts. 

When contemplating a trip to northern Germany, consider treating yourself and your loved ones to a stay in a holiday home in Schleswig-Holstein. Select a home closest to the attractions and activities you wish to enjoy.

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