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Scotland: A Tranquil and Pastoral Destination

A holiday home in Scotland is perfect for families. The scenery is practically supernatural in its beauty, and that had no small part to play in the rich mythology of fairies. But civilization is never too far away, and families can easily access the rest of the United Kingdom on a whim. 

From the legends of the Fair Folk to the myth of brave King Arthur, Scotland has no lack of fantastic stories, but there's perhaps none more popular than the Loch Ness Monster. The city of Inverness provides the best launching pad for adventures in the Scottish Highlands, and local cruises from the city allow you and the family to venture out onto the water and search for Nessie.

The Highlands are rich with hiking trails, biking paths, and opportunities to get out on the water, but visitors would be remiss to not check out the islands within reach of Inverness.

The Isle of Skye is one of the most popular sites to visit. The largest island along Scotland's Northwest coast, Skye offers some of the most stunning natural formations and some truly beautiful castles. But animal lovers should consider taking a ride up to Spey Bay.

The Scottish Dolphin Centre provides an opportunity to view some of these friendly aquatic mammals, and Spey Bay is a short trip from the historically important Dunrobin Castle. 

The countryside of Scotland may be one of the country's main attractions, but that doesn't mean it's bereft of urban environments. As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is a hub of culture. This port city's combination of Victorian and art nouveau architecture makes it stand out distinctly from anything else on the island, and parents looking to instill a love for culture in their children will find plenty of opportunities via the National Theatre, the Scottish Ballet, and the Scottish Opera.

The museums are equally impressive and specialized. The People's Palace Museum offers an incisive look into the city's cultural history, while the Riverside Museum highlights technological advances, and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum tempers more traditional exhibits on international art with kid-friendly interactive exhibits. 

Even richer with historical importance is Scotland's capital: Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle offers displays of the Stone of Destiny and the Scottish crown jewels, making it a must see for visitors enamored by royal families.

But the real fascination of Edinburgh is its historical relationship with England's most legendary monarch: King Arthur. Arthur's Seat offers a lengthy climb that's relatively easy to ascend even for younger hikers, and it's also an important archaeological site for its prevalence of Iron Age artifacts.

Kids and parents alike will be enchanted by the legends surrounding the Hill. It's speculated by many to be the location of the legendary castle of Camelot. And throughout Scotland, there's perhaps no more perfect place for an afternoon picnic than the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens.

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