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Beautiful Beaches and European Charm in Skaane

The southwestern peninsula of Skaane in Sweden is the perfect place for a holiday adventure for a family.

Enjoy white, sandy beaches, woodland hikes or biking through the countryside. The cities of Malmo and Lund offer historical and cultural treasures that will be enjoyed by all. 

If you are looking for a great family vacation, you will not go wrong with a holiday home in Skaane. The Skaane region of Sweden is home to hiking trails and national parks as well as cities that are centers of the arts and culture. You can find the intersection of the modern and the historical, with the medieval Malmohus Castle in the shadow of the modern Turning Torso building in Malmo. 

Because Skaane is in the southern part of Sweden, its warm season lasts a little bit longer. For families, this is a wonderful benefit as the peninsula is bordered by beautiful swimming beaches. Enjoy hiking along the eastern coast; then go for a swim at Stenshuvud National Park.

Many people consider Sandhammaren in the southeast to be the best beach in Sweden. Take a walk through white sand dunes and wade out into the shallow waters. If you are looking to take advantage of the beaches of Skaane, you will want to plan your trip when the waters are warmest in July, August or September. 

If you would rather spend time in the woods, the Skaaneleden Trail will give you the opportunity to see the many wonders of the Skaane region. This trail, a combination of five smaller trails, offers 1000 kilometers of scenic beauty, winding through wooded national parks and following the coastlines. The trail is divided into several smaller sections which are perfect for a family day hike. 

The city of Malmo is the capital of the Skaane region and is the center for the arts and culture. The Malmo Live Concert Hall hosts the concerts of the Malmo Symphony Orchestra as well as concerts and festivals of other types of music, such as jazz and rock. Malmohus Castle, once a fortification for the city, now is home to several museums including the Malmo Art Museum, the City Museum and the Natural History Museum.

You might also enjoy a walk through one of the many city parks such as Folkets Park with playgrounds, mini-golf and lots of green spaces. Malmo is also the home of the Swedish end of the Oresund Bridge which opens the possibility of a side trip to Copenhagen. 

The other major city of Skaane is Lund. Many visitors here enjoy Kulturen, an open-air history museum. Another popular historical spot is the Lund Cathedral with its astronomical clock and sections that are almost 1000 years old.

Lund is also home to Lund University, with a history that stretches back to the Middle Ages. Especially in the spring and early summer, Lund’s beautiful botanical gardens are something everyone must see.

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