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Thuringia: Germany's Perfect Family Holiday Destination

Thuringia is a state located in the heart of Germany, which is considered a top holiday destination for families.

Along with its capital city of Erfurt, Thuringia features many places that are suitable for both children and adults. Families that wish to go on nature hikes, sightseeing tours or shopping excursions will have no trouble finding plenty of fun things to do in Thuringia.

The thick forestry that covers much of the region provides the perfect settings for nature hikes and other fun-filled family outdoor activities. The mountains that make up the Thuringia Forest, which is located in the southern part of the region, offer great conditions for hiking and nature watching. Many people also head to the Thuringian Holzland region for hiking and other fun outdoor activities. 

Several caves that can be explored safely are also open in Thuringia. The cavern known as Saalfelder Feengrotten is lined with intricate rock formations and features a waterway. Visitors are treated to the sight of a waterfall when they tour the Marienglashoehle Friedrichroda. Park Cave is another cavern that is worth exploring. 

Some of the most fascinating museums, cultural institutions and historical landmarks can also be found throughout much of Thuringia. Erfurt is home to Naturkundemuseum, a natural history museum that features exhibits suitable for the whole family. The Alte Synagogue, which is also in Erfurt, is one of Europe’s oldest synagogues and houses artifacts that depict important moments in Germany’s Jewish history.

The city of Gera has been in existence since the Middle Ages and still features its medieval city wall and historic homes that have managed to endure the test of time. 

One of Thuringia’s biggest claims to fame is that it is the birthplace of the bratwurst. This classic German sausage can be found on the menus of many food stands and restaurants throughout Thuringia and the rest of the country. Other family-friendly foods that Thuringia is famous for include the onion soup known as zwiebelsuppe and the regional potato dumplings known as Thüringer Klöße. 

Thuringia is also a great place to fit in some shopping while taking in all the sights and sounds of the region. Many shops can be found throughout the Fischmarkt in Erfurt. In Gera, the Gera Arcaden is a shopping complex that includes many notable retailers. The city of Weimar is famous for its antique shops that sell porcelain pieces and other collectibles. 

Visiting Thuringia offers families the chance to bond while exploring one of Germany’s most fascinating states. Renting a holiday home in Thuringia while staying in the area will provide additional comfort.

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