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Holiday Among the Pines of the Thuringian Forest

From quaint towns rich in history to wooded landscapes, the Thuringian Forest is perfect for a family holiday.

Children are enthralled by the caves, castles, and fairy-like scenery of this region, while adults appreciate its old-world pace and variety of activities. The Thuringian Forest is ideal for hiking, sightseeing, and picturesque drives. 

One of the main attractions is, of course, the Thuringian Forest Nature Park. If your family loves the outdoors, this is a fantastic place for renting a holiday home in Thuringian Forest.

The park has many hiking trails for people of all ages and ability, including Germany’s most well-known trail, the 170-metre Rennsteig. Another popular trail is the Schwarza Valley Panorama Trail, which overlooks castles and lakes. If you prefer to drive and stop at your leisure, a long driving route takes you through the best parts of the park. 

Families will especially enjoy a visit to the Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes. Originally a mine, these caves are now full of stalactites and color. Tour guides take you deep into the mountain to explore, and a museum helps you understand the process of mining and geology that formed the grottoes. Up above, you can wander through the Adventure Forest. Perhaps kids will glimpse an elf behind a tree while the adults learn about the plants and hear engaging stories. 

For those seeking culture, Thuringia has much to offer. Many visitors start with Wartburg Castle, the first German castle made an UNESCO World Heritage site. From its vantage point over the town of Eisenach, this 1,000-year-old castle has witnessed numerous historic events and housed several famous figures, including Saint Elisabeth and Martin Luther. For 200 years, the castle has had a large art collection as well.

While you are near Eisenach, you should also visit the Altenstein Palace. Its gardens are as magnificent as this uniquely English-modeled castle. A circular path is leisurely enough for all ages and leads you to intriguing sights like the Luisenthal Waterfall and the Chinese Cottage. 

The sleepy villages of Thuringia give visitors the feeling that they have traveled back in time several centuries. For instance, the village of Schmalkalden displays over 1,000 years of architecture and culture. Its Old Town is composed of quaint, half-timbered buildings, and the Wilhemsberg Castle is a stunning example of Renaissance architecture. Schmalkalden was also an important locus for the Protestant Reformation, so history buffs will enjoy wandering through the Luther House. 

Another lovely town is Meiningen, which was once a royal city and still has its own castle, Elisabethenburg. Meiningen has been a centre of theatre for centuries, and its "Magic World of Scenery" Theatre Museum has complete stage sets from the nineteenth century. Your children will also love the short hike to the Goetz Caves, the biggest European crevice and fissure cave that tourists can access.

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