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Visit Vaenern - A Jewel Within Sweden

The beautiful Lake Vaenern in Sweden offers a unique, charming place for your family vacation.

It's a vast inland sea, the largest lake in the European Union, and it has much to offer across its expansive waters, islands and the mainland shores.

Natural beauty is in abundance, from the diverse wildlife present to the breadth of places to go and landmarks to see. Staying in a holiday home in Vaenern is a must for the nature-minded family, who'll make memories they'll all share for life. 

When you go out on Lake Vaenern, you could almost think that you're in the ocean; across its vast expanse you'll see innumerable islands, you'll find stark cliffs jutting against the sky and gentle beaches that are lovely for swimming when the weather is warm, and you can see all kinds of wildlife such as beavers and sea eagles. 

To facilitate your adventures and exploration, there are many canoes and kayaks to be rented. You can rent a guide at your leisure, or you can simply take your family out onto Vaenern to see where the lake takes you. Along the inlets, the islands and the sub-lakes of Vaenern, there are many places that are effectively desolate and deserted, simply because there's so much to find; the possibility to explore is endless. 

If your children have ever gotten to fish, or if you'd like to teach them, there's scarcely a better place - the ecosystem of Lake Vaenern contains more species of fish and more areas suitable for fishing than any other place in Sweden. A permit isn't necessary, and you have the option to fish by land or to join a chartered fishing boat on a trip across the lake. 

Fishing and swimming provide great relaxation opportunities for the whole family, on what'll surely be an active, eventful holiday that'll leave you breathless at times. But once you're all rested again, there are ample opportunities for recreation on land. Luro Island is a beautiful, historic sight to behold, with centuries-old abbeys and masonry ruins dotting the hills. 

The hills of Luro Island also provide fantastic hiking opportunities. There are several routes, stretching greater than 10 km. in some cases. The island is rich in history and rife with natural beauty, and the winding walks through nature that the hiking trails of Luro Island provide are certainly the best way to experience all that it has to offer.

Local boat services take boats over to the island in the summer, which is the best time to visit. The fair Swedish summers and the explosions of color and life that accompany them at the time mark the best season to visit. 

Lake Vaenern is one of the most impressive, unique places in Europe for the outdoor-minded family. The activities I've mentioned and adventure beyond them waits for anyone who wants to spend their summer holiday immersed in the beauty of nature.

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