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Explore Sweden's Lake Country: Vaettern

Vaettern is part of the lake country in southern Sweden.

The vast Vattern Lake serves as a source of community water in addition to offering a number of recreational activities.

The location additionally has a number of interesting places to visit and beautiful scenery to explore. The region is the ideal place to experience the country without having to deal with congested larger cities. 

The immense body of water known as Lake Vattern extends 80 miles north and south. The depth ranges from 125 feet to 417 feet. The expansive Riviera-like beaches boast a number of amenities that attract swimmers.

The water is typically seasonably warm. However, boating and fishing are also popular here. The freshwater lake harbors 28 different species of fish that include Alpine char, brown trout, grayling, perch, pike and salmon. 

Take a day trip to Gotland and tour the historic recreated 10th-century Tofta Viking Village. The area was once an important trading settlement for the Vikings. See typical homes and learn about the lifestyle of the early people. Guests also have the opportunity to bake bread the traditional way, try your hand at archery and throw axes. A number of ruins, grave sites and artifacts are also found in the area. 

The Vitlycke Museum is the ideal location to explore ancient history. The location features paths that take guests to approximately 600 sites exhibiting ancient rock art that dates back to the Bronze Age. A guided tour spans four hours. The destination also features a number recreated Bronze Age buildings. The Bronze Age farm provides a look at how the people lived.

See the longhouses, see the primitive fencing techniques and learn about the crops that sustained families. During the summer, actors demonstrate the many skills needed back in the day. The experience also provides guests with the chance to participate in a variety of activities. 

The theme park known as Astrid Lindgren's World welcomes families to take part in the many adventures of children's storybook characters. Watch live performances of Michel, Pippi Longstocking and other costumed actors. Children have a chance to interact with each figure. Tour the recreated historic village where the cast of Astrid Lindgren's books come to life. 

Get a glimpse of local heritage and tradition by visiting the Kultur Parken. Tour the museums and take part in the activities. See historic relics, artworks created by area craftsmen and explore the past history of the region. See historic carpets and textiles. Learn how people performed daily tasks using rudimentary tools. Take a ride on an authentic steamboat and explore Kronoberg Castle ruins. 

Nothing compares to staying in a holiday home in Vaettern. Enjoy ample space, the tranquility and privacy that comes with lodging in a private residence. After a busy day of sightseeing, a cozy holiday home is the perfect place to spend a quiet evening among a wealth of amenities.

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