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Holiday in Wonderful Vimmerby

An ideal holiday retreat for families seeking out beautiful natural surroundings and shop- and coffee house-lined village streets dating back to Medieval times, Vimmerby is sure to both charm and amaze people of all ages in equal measure.

Famous as both a literary landmark and as an area rich in natural beauty, Vimmerby represents Swedish culture at its best, and a holiday home in Vimmerby might just become your favorite new family vacation spot! 

Said to have been chartered in the 14th century, and wearing its Medieval origins on its sleeves, Vimmerby is perhaps most famous as the home of celebrated Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, best known in Sweden and beyond as the creator of the Pippi Longstocking character. Vemmerby is rightly proud of its connection to Lindgren's works, and several local sites can lay claim to be the inspiration for settings in her books. 

The local Astrid Lindgren's World theme park provides perfect holiday activities for family members of all ages, including picnic spots and stage shows. Adults can enjoy delicious snacks, a cup of coffee from one of the park's many cafes, and strolls through the park's grounds, while children will enjoy rides and exhibits featuring some of their favorite characters. 

True Pippi Longstocking fans will also enjoy a visit to Astrid Lindgren's childhood home, which has been turned into a popular local museum. A trip to Lindgren's home makes for an informative and charming glance into the author's formative years and into Sweden's rich literary history and is a Vimmerby landmark that locals’ treasure. 

For a true glimpse into Swedish life as it existed hundreds of years ago, try taking the family to the local Nightingale Cultural History Museum, in which a true timber-built Swedish dwelling is preserved just as it would appear in the 18th Century. 

For families who are fans of the outdoors, the nearby Norra Kvill National Park features some of Europe's oldest oak trees (some dating back hundreds of years), and stunning views of wildlife, including moose. Lakeside hiking paths for all ages provide morning or afternoon fun in Sweden's scenic wilderness, while picnicking and bird watching opportunities can provide hours of joy for the whole family.

And if you don't see any moose at the Norra Kvill Park, have no fear: The nearby Virum Moose Park is a great place to get close to these magnificent animals while enjoying one of the park's delicious coffees. 

To truly enjoy the region's outdoor amenities, try to schedule a visit to one of the area's many small lakes, where families can enjoy swimming, hiking, and picnicking, or just cooling off in the shade with a favorite book in tow. 

For these reasons, renting a holiday home in Vimmerby will create memories for a lifetime. For nature fans, history buffs, and literary aficionados alike the region will undoubtedly become a fast favorite and a true oasis of calm that you would want to return to.

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