Both Nerja and Estepona are beautiful towns located on Spain's Costa del Sol, each offering its own unique charms and attractions.
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The sun rises over Nerja
The sun rises over Nerja

Nerja or Estepona?

Nerja is known for its charming old town, beautiful beaches, and the famous Balcon de Europa which offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean. The Caves of Nerja, home to ancient paintings, is another highlight, offering a glimpse into the region's history. Nerja maintains a relatively traditional Andalusian vibe, with less high-rise development than some other Costa del Sol resorts.

Estepona is a bit larger and has a more resort-like feel, though it too has retained much of its old Andalusian charm. The town is renowned for its well-maintained old town, which is filled with colourful flowers, picturesque squares, and narrow cobblestone streets. Estepona also boasts a long, sandy beach and a lovely marina filled with boats and surrounded by a variety of restaurants and bars. The Orchid House and Botanical Garden is a major highlight, housing the largest collection of orchids in Europe.

In terms of location, Nerja is closer to Malaga and the famous city of Granada, making it a good base for exploring these places. Estepona, on the other hand, is closer to the glamorous resort town of Marbella and the British territory of Gibraltar.

Ultimately, the choice between Nerja and Estepona will depend on what you're looking for in a holiday. Both towns offer a mix of beach relaxation and cultural attractions, but Nerja may be a better choice if you prefer a smaller, more traditional town, while Estepona might be more appealing if you're seeking a larger resort atmosphere.

Holiday rentals in Nerja

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