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Abruzzo: Italy's Gateway to Family Fun

Abruzzo is an ideal holiday destination for family-friendly activities. Situated in Southern Italy just 80 kilometers east of Rome, this charming region is famous for its beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage and enthralling attractions.

For accommodations, it is possible to rent a holiday home in Abruzzo that offers a more personal and comfortable experience.

Natural landscapes that have been largely unspoiled by human development are omnipresent throughout much of the region. Gran Sasso d’Italia, a notable mountain mastiff, is one of the most impressive natural landmarks and is surrounded by rolling hills. The area known as Da Pietracamela alla Val Maone is known for its lush forestry. Many visitors enjoy spending time at Sorgenti del Verde park and are impressed with the flowing crystal-clear water that features magnificent blue and turquoise colors. 

No visit to Abruzzo would be complete without spending time at some of the region’s best beaches. Tortoreto Beach is nestled along the beautiful Adriatic Sea and often attracts families that want to spend time swimming and soaking in the sun. Rocky cliffs hug the coastline of Riserva Naturale di Punta Aderci. 

Several historical structures that tell more about the region’s eventful past can be explored by families visiting Abruzzo. The spectacular cliffside fortress in the town of Roccascalegna was once used to help guard the area from invading forces. Scanno village has been in existence since Medieval times and takes visitors on a journey back in time. Civitella del Tronto is a historical commune that is also one of the top tourist attractions in Abruzzo. 

Families that want to stop for a bite to eat can always visit one of the local restaurants to try foods that are unique to the region. The Spaghetti alla chitarra consists of long thin noodles and savory pasta sauce. Arrosticini is a shish kebab-style skewed lamb delicacy made with delicious flavors to enhance every bite.

The bacon, egg and pecorino cheese dish known as gnocchi carrati can be eaten for breakfast or any other meal during the day. For dessert, families can try the ferratelle wafer cookie treat or torrone nurzia chocolate nougat. 

Any family that wants to take a fun-filled trip will have a rewarding experience by spending time in Abruzzo. Renting a holiday home is the perfect way to live in comfort while staying in this enchanting part of Italy.

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