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Enchanting Italy is Waiting for You

Italy is one of the most world-renowned destinations for a vacation, and that's with good reason. Food, wine, historical sites, and scenery are just a few of the categories that Italy is routinely on the top of. There's nothing you want that this gorgeous country can't offer. So, let's dive in, and review some of the best. 

When one things of Italy, it's impossible not to think of the food. If there is a food that is made with tomatoes, odds are that Italy does it best. I'm sure you've heard of pasta Bolognese. That comes from Bologna, Italy.

Also, as most know, Naples is where pizza was born. In a similar fashion, almost every region of Italy has a world-famous cuisine. You could eat a new dish every day for a week and have only scratched the surface of Italian food. 

While the French may be slightly more famous for wines, Italy is still an amazing destination for grape lovers. Besides, how can you go wrong with wine when you are pairing it with some of the most amazing food on the planet? Simply ask you waiter for the best wine to pair with your meal, sit back, and enjoy. 

Now, onto the subject of historical sites. When it comes to history there can be no rival to the seat of the Roman empire. Archaeologists have been studying in Italy for centuries and are still uncovering ancient marvels today.

There's no telling when they could unearth the next Colosseum or Pantheon. Then again, there's no need to wait, you can see those and hundreds of others in Rome today. That doesn't even take into account the amazing churches and cathedrals still in operation today. Inside the city of Rome, you can explore the Vatican. It's the seat of the Pope of the Catholic church, and a wonder to behold. 

One could go on and on about the historical significance of Italy, but seeing it is the only true way to discover its depth. It's much the same for its indescribable scenery. From the rugged mountains to the north, to the beautiful beaches of the south, Italy has something to offer any nature lover. In Venice, one can even enjoy the water while touring the city, using one of the gondolas to ride the famous canals. 

So, you may be wondering how much your trip to Italy will cost. The truth is that it's surprisingly affordable. The biggest expense is typically accommodation; therefore, we advise guests to consider renting a holiday home. It will allow you much more flexibility and save money in the long run. Like many others, we are sure that you will fall in love with Italy and want to return frequently.

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