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A Fun Family Adventure Awaits on the Island of Elba

The island of Elba is Italy’s third largest. It has more than 100 beaches and unique architecture. Elba comes with a little intrigue since it’s the island that Napoleon Bonaparte was sent to live on when he was exiled. During your stay, consider reserving a holiday home on Elba. 

When you make your accommodations in a holiday home, you’re sure to enjoy a more comfortable stay. You’ll have a kitchen, separate bedrooms and the possibility of outdoor space. 

While staying on the island, plan to visit Capo d’Enfola. This ancient tuna fishing port features a scenic and beautiful walk, one with plenty of nature and historic relics that date back to World War II. The hike begins at sea level and increases to a height of around 100 meters. 

On Elba, take time to tour the town of Banaia. Charming and close to one of the island’s many beaches, this is the perfect place to explore classic Italian architecture and stroll down the beach. Cars aren’t permitted in town, which means that you can let your kids run around and play without worrying.

To learn about the area’s history, visit the Archaeological Museum of Marciana. It contains documented evidence that humans were inhabiting the island as far back as the mid-Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods. The island has even been mentioned in works by Aristotle, Pliny and Virgil. Visiting Elba is truly a step back in time. 

Elba’s beaches are not the soft sand type. Instead, they are covered with small pebbles. Bring a beach chair to lounge in and let the kids roam around and search for stones. They’ll also like throwing rocks in the water and practicing their stone skipping skills. If you want to walk barefoot along a beach, head to the Spiaggia Capo Bianco. It is full of small white rocks that have pretty blue specks. These little rocks are not jagged, and they are easy to walk on. 

During your vacation on Elba island, allocate some time to wandering around the historic town center. The harbor is incredible due to its size and U shape. It’s full of sailboats that are moored on every side. You can tour the Napoleonic Mills Home and stroll through the tunnel. There’s also a medieval section of the city complete with forts, city walls and narrow streets. The town center consists of colorful buildings and charming shops, making it perfect for pictures. 

With a holiday home on the island, you and your family will have a quiet place to return to at the end of the day. By staying in a home, you’ll be near grocery stores and the island’s beaches.

For your trip, consider traversing the island on bike. A holiday home is perfect for bike transportation since a residence will give you the space to store them. When it comes to accommodations, a holiday home is the way to go especially when you’re traveling with the kids.

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