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Experience Colorful Venice With Your Family!

Venice in Italy is unparalleled in its visual beauty. The buildings, canals, and cobblestone streets flow together like poetry.

If you’re seeking a holiday home in Venice for a family vacation, then you’ve got the right idea! There are colorful houses, gorgeous canals, fantastic food, and some of the best architecture Italy has to offer.

The rainbow houses are sure to dazzle your children. Additionally, you can find a bounty of options for the family as Venice is super child-friendly! 

In the following, we’ll detail some of the most fun family-friendly attractions Venice has to offer. Remember, it’s not exactly important to hit up everything we list out here, every experience you have in Venice is truly unique and symbolizes the spirit of the city. 
Gondola Ride 

A gondola ride is the essential Venice experience. You don’t have to be honeymooning with your significant other to enjoy a gondola ride. You also can’t leave Venice without first going through the snaking canals captained by a singing gondolier. As the gondolas weave through Venice’s extensive system of canals your children are sure to be wowed. You can also take a traghetti, which is sort of a gondola-ferry. These take you across the Grand Canal for a fraction of what a private tour will cost. 

Apart from being Europe’s first beach resort, the Lido offers plenty to do for everyone. The white sandy beaches used to be only graced by the feet of Europe’s royalty. During Venice’s high season, the beach gets packed. It’s best to check out the beaches on the northern part of the Lido. These beaches are near the San Nicolo Church. It’s better to check out the Lido during the offseason. This is the time when your kids can run rampant! You can even rent bicycles and explore the side streets. 

The famous glassblowers of Murano have been at it for centuries. They started their craft in the 13th century. Venetian glass was one of the most sought-after commodities in the western world during the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries. It still carries a lot of prestige to this day. There are plenty of free glassblowing demonstrations to choose from.

You can watch as bubbles of molten glass warp and form into different shapes and sizes. If you want to see more unique pieces – it’s better to travel farther away from the main vaporetto landing. It’s possible to find some one-of-a-kind artwork all over Murano. 

There are plenty more attractions to choose from, and some you’ll even discover on your own. Venice, Italy is a fantastic destination no matter your age. Don’t wait any longer, book your holiday home and have the experience of a lifetime with your family! 

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    At Feline you will always find the largest selection of beautifully situated holiday homes Italy. Easy and safe booking online. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
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