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A Bit of Austria in Italy: Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alte Adige in northern Italy is a fascinating region rich in historical architecture and hilly scenery.

Since Trentino Alto Adige was a part of the Austrian Empire for many years, it has a unique Germanic-feel you won’t find anywhere else in Italy. Renting a holiday home in Trentino Alte Adige is the best way to explore this culturally rich region. 

One of the most popular cities in Trentino Alte Adige for tourists is Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol. Probably the most famous attraction in the city is “Ötzi the Iceman” who is preserved in the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology. After paying a visit to good old Ötzi, take a stroll through Bolzano’s magnificent Walter Square and enjoy the Austrian-inspired architecture.

Bolzano also has many beautifully preserved churches and castles including the central Cathedral to Our Lady of the Assumption, the 13th century Schloss Runkelstein, and the Baroque-style St. Augustine Church. 

The most popular time of year to visit Bolzano is during December when all of the Christmas markets are set up. Indeed, there are so many Christmas stalls in Bolzano that Italians consider this city their unofficial “Capital of Christmas.” Definitely try to visit this city during this time of year if you want to experience an authentic Austrian Christmas market while in Italy. 

Bolzano also hosts many of Trentino Alte Adige’s most popular music festivals. Fans of classical music should try to visit Bolzano during the summer for the Bolzano Festival Bozen or in January for the “Wintermezzo,” which celebrates the music of Richard Strauss. Bolzano also has an International Jazz Festival and a dance event in the summer. 

For those who just want to relax by splendid scenery, look no further than the Lake Garda area. All of the major touristy cities in Trentino Alte Adige on Lake Garda are situated on the northern shore. The two most picturesque cities you could visit here include Nago-Torbole and Riva del Garda. Spend plenty of time soaking up the sun on these fabulous beaches. If you feel more adventurous, consider going wind surfing, rock climbing, or mountain biking while in the region. 

Yet another popular tourist area in Trentino Alte Adige is the city of Merano. People from all over Europe are drawn to Merano for its mild weather, dozens of historic castles, and world-class spas. Merano also boasts many exceptional museums including the South Tyrol Museum of Tourism & Botanical Garden, the Princely Castle Museum, and the Jewish Museum. 

Lastly, no tour of Trentino Alte Adige is complete without a tour of the historic city of Brixen. For many years, this city in South Tyrol served as a major center for the Holy Roman Empire. Evidence of this legendary past can be felt in Brixen’s many majestic churches. Plan on spending a few hours touring the 18th century Brixen Cathedral, the Gothic St. Michael’s Church, and Palazzo Vescovile on your tour of Brixen.

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