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Calabria: Peaks of Perfection

Everyone associates Italy with the iconic image of a boot. Thanks to Calabria, it is pretty easy to spot Italy on the map.

Calabria forms the "toe" of Italy. While it doesn't get as much recognition as Rome or Tuscany, it is certainly a region that is well worth the visit. Calabria's low-profile means it hasn't been altered by tourism, allowing you to taste the sweet life in its true Italian form. 

While staying in your holiday home in Calabria, be prepared to experience Italian culture on a whole new level. Calabria is synonymous with beautiful beaches and pristine waters. However, it is also home to three mountain ranges. The diverse terrain and low population density make for a very interesting experience in the tip of Italy. 

One of the most notable cities in the region is Reggio Calabria. It sits just across the Strait of Messina from Sicily and is home to the National Archaeological Museum. This museum hosts the Riace Bronzes. These two enormous Greek statues are a must-see for anyone visiting Calabria. Also popular is the Bergamot Museum. If you are familiar with essential oils, this museum showcases the extraction tools used to get bergamot oil. 

In Reggio Calabria you will find the Castello Aragonese. This cliff-side castle was born during the Middle Ages and still stands proudly today. Reggio Calabria played a critical role in castle times, so the castle was always well-maintained. It is so well-preserved that you can still walk on the defense towers. The soaring castle can be seen from anywhere in the city. 

If you're up for an adventure, the Sila Mountains are the perfect place for trekking and biking. Sila is part of the National park of Calabria, one of the oldest parks in Italy. Many people choose to go trekking from village to village to experience the rugged mountain terrain, enjoy the quaint towns, and chat with friendly locals. Canoeing and fishing are also popular on the lakes of the park. It's a truly unique and breathtaking experience. 

Back on the coast, you will find the city of Tropea. From the sparkling blue waters to the rustic homes hanging out on top of the cliffs, Tropea is the best-kept secret of Italy. This coastal town is a photographer's dream! It oozes beauty and Italian charm at every corner and is famous for red onions.

Tropea boasts one of the best sailing experiences year-round thanks to the prime climate and winds provided by warm breezes from Africa or cool drafts from the Alps. Tropea is known as the "Coast of the Gods" for a reason. You wouldn't believe the way the sky and sea look at sunset. Italians are still unsure why Americans haven't yet uncovered this crown jewel. 

Another stunning coastal destination in Calabria is Capo Vaticano. Located just 20 minutes from Tropea, Capo Vaticano boldly sends its cliffs out into the vibrant blue sea. If Tropea is packed out, you can always head to Capo Vaticano and vice versa.

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