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Holiday at Beautiful Lake Maggiore

For a retreat that mixes the best of Italian and Swiss cultures, few locations have the natural and historical amenities of Lake Maggiore. Lined with picturesque streets and set with jewel-like islands defined by their age-old villas and Medieval castles, the region is a truly unique slice of Italian life.

It is little wonder indeed that so many visitors to Lake Maggiore find themselves returning here time after time for an experience that whisks them away to simpler era. 

Whether you're interested in family-friendly walking tours or simply relaxing in the shade with a favorite book, Lake Maggiore has it all and more. Offering views of snowcapped Alpine peaks, centuries-old Italian towns, and stunning architectural splendors set along gorgeous waterfronts, a holiday home at Lake Maggiore is a true travel aficionados dream come true. 

Connected to both the Lombardy and Piedmont regions of Italy and sharing a border with Switzerland, Lake Maggiore has been a cherished retreat for many generations of visitors the world over.

A mountain biking trip around the Lombard area of the lake is a great way for the entire family to take in the region's history, scenic views, and pastoral wonders, and only a short trip across the border will also offer bicycle riders a chance to explore charming Swiss market towns. Here visitors can get away from the bustle or crowds of the larger tourist haunts of Italy, while regular chartered boats ferry visitors to all areas of the lake, ensuring that there is always something for families to explore. 

Families who enjoy learning about the history are in for a particular treat when they visit the region. Not only does the area around the lake have a history stretching back to before the age of the Roman Empire, but the lake itself has inspired a myriad of art and literary works. 

In fact, the lake and its Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees even served as settings for parts of Ernest Hemingway's novel A Farewell to Arms. Exploring the region, it is easy to see why Hemingway used his wartime experience in Italy to bring Lake Maggiore and its environs to life. The region's association with Hemingway is still a point of local pride, with the town of Stresa having played host to the 10th International Hemingway Conference in 2002. 

Indeed, for traveling in true Lake Maggiore style, no visit would be complete without the whole family venturing into Stresa's charming environs. Here visitors can check out the many fabulous historical villas that have given the lake its distinct aura of architectural grandeur. Once the summer homes of some of Italy's most elite families, the Villa D'Orto, Villa Ducale, and Villa Pallavichino are all stunning examples of Italy's post-Renaissance architecture. 

For these reasons, a holiday at Lake Maggiore offers visitors a truly magical time in true Italian and Swiss fashion. Whether you're strolling through the leafy streets of a charming village or enjoying a bike ride through Alpine foothills, a trip to Lake Maggiore is truly the experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the warmth of Italian and Swiss hospitality in style at this extraordinary location!

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