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Lazio is one of the twenty different regions that make up the southern European country of Italy.

This region is home to the capital of the country and has a long coast along the Mediterranean Sea. Lazio was once the center of the Roman Empire and has countless ruins that offer visitors a glimpse into the past. 

As one of the largest regions in Italy, Lazio has a vast array of landscapes for visitors to enjoy. The western coast of the region offers travelers pristine beaches and clear water. While this region does have some cliffs, the area is relatively flat near the coast.

As visitors travel westward from Rome, they will find more natural surroundings and several natural parks. The western portion of Lazio is much less populated and is free from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Lazio is the best region in Italy to visit for travelers who love sightseeing. Rome, the capital of the region, has some of the most iconic and well-preserved buildings in the entire world. The Colosseum is the most popular sight in the city and brings millions of visitors every year.

Travelers can also visit the impressive St. Peter's Basilica that is the largest Christian basilica in the world. On a walk around the city, it is also recommendable to stop by the stunning Trevi Fountain to make a wish. The Roman Forum is the excavated heart of the Roman Empire and represents the sheer age of the area. While seeing the sights alone is great, there are walking tours that can provide travelers with historical and interesting facts that can bring the area to life. 

In addition to an endless number of sights, the Lazio region also has an extensive number of attractions which each member of the family can enjoy. The Bioparco di Roma is the largest and most-visited zoo in the region. It houses several different species of animals and several interactive exhibits for visitors.

When families get tired of sightseeing, they can take a trip to Rainbow Magicland. This amusement park boasts several roller coasters, a planetarium, stunt shows and a play area. Aquafelix is great waterpark to visit to escape the summer heat as the Lazio area can get fairly hot. 

In addition to the stunning landscapes and historical grandeur of Lazio, many people visit this region for the overall atmosphere. The average Italian day differs in many ways from the norm. With shops being closed in the middle of the day and social life being more active, the Lazio region has a relaxed and vivacious atmosphere. Days seem to run at a slower pace, which is great for visitors looking for a break from the busyness of everyday life. 

When visiting the region of Lazio, it is recommended to stay in a holiday home, as it is one of the best ways to experience the region like a local.

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