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Welcome to Rome

Italy is famous around the world for its rich history, ancient ruins, eclectic art scene and its tasty cuisine.

This beguiling city was once the epicenter of one of the largest empires the world has ever seen. Although the population of Rome remains stagnant today, the excitement and interested that once surrounded this city can still be felt today.

As one of the hottest countries for foreigners to visit in Europe, Rome ranks high on the list of must-see cities. Many families decide to take a holiday in this capital city because of the inviting atmosphere and endless list of attractions and sites. 

Rome can easily be dubbed "the sightseeing capital of the world". In fact, many of the city's most popular sites attract millions of people each year. The Pantheon is Rome's most-visited sights with around 8 million visitors every year. This church used to be a temple and is open to the public for many hours throughout the day.

The Colosseum is another popular sight where gladiator fights used to be held. Despite being under renovations on a regular basis, the Colosseum still offers guided tours with intriguing insights into the history of the building. 

The Sistine Chapel is another famous sight that attracts many families who wish to see the famous painting by Michelangelo. The Chapel is part of a larger tour that goes around the entire Vatican. Families can choose to partake in the entire tour or only snippets. This tour can be guided or done alone. For a quicker stop, families can visit the Trevi Fountain to make a wish. It is advisable to visit the fountain early in the morning or towards the evening in order to beat the crowd of tourists. 

Although Rome attracts millions of visitors each and every year, the atmosphere is still very welcoming for families of any size and age. The city is clean and safe. Similar to other Mediterranean cities, the atmosphere is very laid back and relaxed. The city moves with a slower pace than many other capitals and metropolises.

In lieu of natural surroundings, Rome has countless attractions that can keep all members of the family entertained for hours. There are playgrounds throughout the city for locals and visitors alike. Even some of the busier parts of town have playgrounds for the local residents. The Bioparco di Roma is the city's zoo that features a host of different animals from giraffes to elephants and everything in between. There are also several attractions for the performing arts including operas and concerts. 

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to visit. A holiday home near the city center or in the beautiful outskirts is perfect for families wanting to explore the capital of Italy. This makes Rome a perfect getaway for families in need of a vacation.

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    At Feline you will always find the largest selection of beautifully situated holiday homes Italy. Easy and safe booking online. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
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