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Vacation in Italy - Your Family Holiday Home on Sicily

Your family has decided to take a summer holiday in Sicily. You’re in charge of the planning but really aren’t sure where to begin.

Are there enough activities to keep your brood entertained on this Italian island? The answer is yes, absolutely. From its culture to its stunning beaches, a Sicilian vacation offers plenty of memory-making fun for everyone! 

Sicily is a beautiful island, over 10,000 years old, in southern Italy. Its subtropical, Mediterranean climate is virtually rain-free in the summer. This makes it a near-perfect vacation destination for those looking to spend much of their stay outdoors. Rent a holiday home on Sicily, settle in and let the adventures begin. 

The world-famous Mount Etna makes its home on Sicily, in the city of Catania. It is both the tallest and most active volcano in Europe and is a must-see while visiting. The mountain is accessible by hiking or riding and both half- and full-day tours are available. Consider a 4X4 Jeep tour if you’re not into the whole hiking thing. Kids find volcanoes especially fascinating so exploring Etna’s craters and lava fields will make for a thrilling day for them! 

While near Catania, be sure to carve out a day in your schedule for a visit to Etnaland. A day at this theme park that includes a water park, zoo and dinosaur exhibit promises a good time for every member of the family. The Sicily Bio Park is also a theme park that animal lovers are sure to enjoy. A more nature-focused attraction, it offers a mini-zoo of small animals. 

Sicily is rich in history and you’ll want to take it all in. The problem is that sometimes it’s difficult to keep the little ones engaged during a historical tour. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find a child that isn’t impressed by a castle and Sicily has plenty of them. From Catania to Messina to Palermo, you will find amazing castles that will both entertain and educate! 

While volcanoes, theme parks and castles are exciting, you can’t come to Sicily and not spend some down time lounging on one of the magnificent beaches. A sure-fire hit for mom and dad as well as the kids, is a day spent at the beach and the perfect way to recharge for more adventures.

Do a little research before choosing a beach; however, as they are not all created equal. Some are pebbly, some have cliffs, and some have easier accessibility than others. There are beaches with black sand and beaches with pure white sand. Pick one that best suits your family’s plans for how you want to spend your time at the beach. 

These are just a sampling of all the family-friendly fun that awaits you on your vacation to Sicily. The options are limitless in a country so packed with nature, culture and history. The most difficult part of the planning will be choosing the things you want to do the most!

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