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Liguria: A Placid Village Right on the Riviera

Cinque Terre - or the Five Countries - has quickly become one of the most regarded Italian vacation spots for families and individuals looking to just kick back and relax, but these villages are just one component of the larger Liguria region, also known as the Italian Riviera. 

If you're looking for some of the most rugged and beautiful coastlines in Italy, there's potentially no better choice than Liguria. And while the peaceful fishing villages of Cinque Terre are the most famed vacation spot in the region, they're just the start of what there is to offer. Liguria is an expansive region with a variety of cultures and is home to everything from the vintage resort known as Sanremo to the port city and regional capital of Genoa. 

Getting your family to eat healthy can be difficult, but there's no better way to persuade picky eaters than the region's acclaimed Slow Food movement. Liguria's culinary movement is all about cooking locally sourced ingredients with traditional methods. It's also sparked a flourishing food tourism movement that's as delicious as it is enlightening.

Families can learn to eat better and get in touch with the people who produce their food with a visit to the Mercato della Terre held in Cairo Montenotte every second Saturday of the month or the one in Sarzana held every fourth Saturday. 

Much of the Liguria region has been untouched by moves towards urban development. Until recently, the majority of Cinque Terre wasn't even accessible by car for those who aren't residents.

The entire five villages that make up the region are connected by a series of winding trails, and these pedestrian-friendly paths are a great choice for outdoor adventurers. Then there's the 440 kilometer long Alta Via dei Monti Liguri which winds through the surrounding mountains and offers some of the most stunning views of the Italian Riviera you'll find. 

Genoa may be the capital of the region, but stepping foot into the city can feel like being transported into a book of fairy tales. Due to its centralized location, it's an ideal location for your stay in a holiday home in Liguria.

The medieval architecture is outstanding, and it's practically overflowing with historical landmarks. There are a number of aged piazzas to sit back and do some people watching, but Piazza de Ferrari stands out for its classic and ornate bronze fountain. Then there's the prevalence of museums and art galleries available.

Palazzo Rosso is packed with works from Old Masters like Caravaggio, Durer, and Veronese, while Palazzo Blanco is one of the best places to experience the once prevalent Genoese style up close and personal. As a city of historical importance, Genoa is also home to over a hundred different palaces, and guests of any age are sure to be in awe of the opulence on display.

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