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Piedmont: An Enchanting Region at the Foot of the Alps

Charming and picaresque, the Piedmont district is characterized by its small hamlets, fairytale castles, and mountain foothills. The Alps have created a largely isolated region rich with medieval character.

A holiday home in Piedmont is perfect for people who like to take things a little slower. 

Piedmont's location lends it an especially diverse variety of different ecosystems. That makes it an ideal vacation spot for families who like to get out and enjoy nature through more exciting venues than simple walking paths and hiking trails.

Parco Avventura Tre Querce, or the Adventure Park Three Oaks, is an adventure park that's ideal for the whole family. Rope bridges and walkways span the forest canopies, and there's even a rock-climbing wall for those looking to show off their skills. Then there's Astilido, perhaps the best water park in the region.

A dedicated children's pool accommodates younger visitors and less skilled swimmers, but there are also diving and swimming pools for older audiences as well. Three slides anchor the experience in the form of the Slide Toboggan, Black Hole, and Multipista. For moms and dads looking to kick back and relax, free sun beds and umbrellas are also available. Those looking to get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area should consider renting a hot air balloon. Piedmont is especially stunning from on high. 

Piedmont's natural beauty is a sight to behold, but it's just as notable for the historical depth of the region. The town of Alba may be modern on the surface, and it has plenty of charm, but the town itself is still home to the ruins of the old Roman settlement that once occupied the land.

Then there's Verchelli, a town dating back all the way to 660 BC. The old Roman hippodrome and amphitheater are still partially functional, and they're open to visitors all year long. Vercelli is also worth visiting for its abnormally high population of beautiful churches and cathedrals. 

Turin, the capital of Piedmont, may not have the same pastoral charm that much of the region does, but it's a fantastic blend of the classical and the modern. The Egyptian Museum offers one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts outside of the Middle East, and it's undoubtedly the historical highlight of the city.

Families interested in more modern history will find plenty to enjoy at the National Museum of Cinema. The standing collection offers technology and equipment from the earliest days of cinema, but it also spotlights posters, photos, and film from movies throughout the entire history of the medium.

Sacra di San Michele is a short journey from the city proper, and it's one of the most beautiful abbeys in the entirety of Italy. Guided tours are available, and many come with shuttle service directly from the city.

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