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Enjoy Lombardy's Beauty in a Lovely Holiday Home

Italy’s Lombardy region is internationally respected for its Alpine scenery, awesome architecture, and high-end fashion.

A trip to Lombardy is ideal for families or couples who want to experience the richness of Italian culture and awe-inspiring natural scenery. Renting a holiday home in Lombardy is the best way to explore this sublime area. 

One of Lombardy’s many note-worthy distinctions is that it has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in all of Italy. Probably the most famous of these World Heritage sites is Leonardo da Vinci’s original painting “The Last Supper” in Milan’s Church and Dominican Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. A few other UNESCO-recognized gems in Lombardy include Val Camonica’s Rock Drawings, the Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy, the industrial city Brescia, and the Rhaetian Railway in Albula. 

While in Lombardy, you can’t pass up a trip to the populous city of Milan. Along with New York, Paris, and London, Milan is considered one of the world’s greatest fashion hubs.

A great place to check out Milan’s fashion scene is on the famed Via Dante. But you don’t have to be into high-end fashion to have a great time in Milan. In addition to Da Vinci’s “Last Supper,” some of the top attractions in Milan include the city’s imposing cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Milano), the Sforzesco Castle, and the La Scala opera house. 

Another popular area to visit is Lake Como in northwestern Italy. The best way to explore Lake Como, of course, is to take a boat ride around to all the hot tourist towns. Most boating excursions take tourists to the cities of Bellagio, Lenno, Menaggio, and/or Argegno. It is highly recommended for visitors to take a trip to the Villa Carlotta botanical garden in Tremezzo if they want an exceptional view of Lake Como. 

One of the most beautiful cities to visit in Lombardy is called Bergamo. About 35 miles northeast of Milan, Bergamo’s picturesque architecture delights tourists both in the snowy winter and the summer season. Some of the most photographed areas in Bergamo’s old city include the Piazza Vecchia and the Bergamo Cathedral. 

Although it’s not as well-known as other Lombard cities, classical music fans will enjoy a visit to Cremona. This city’s main claim to fame is as the birthplace of the world’s most famous violin: Stradivarius. You can learn more about the long history of violin craftsmanship in Cremona in the city’s state-of-the-art Museo del Violino. 

Lombardy has plenty of exciting destinations for curious travelers of all ages. A holiday home will help you and your loved ones experience all that lovely Lombardy has to offer at any time of year.

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