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Aosta Valley: A Nature Lovers Dream

The Aosta Valley in northern Italy is bordered by the Matterhorn, Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. Hiking the Alps is a popular activity. However, some may prefer venturing to the Courmayeur ski resort and explore the mountain via cable car.

Explore the wine country or one of the many castles found here. 

As lords and nobles desired to expand their territories, a number of castles began dominating the landscape. The fortresses remain standing today and provide visitors with the chance to take a walk back in time.

The Cly Castle was constructed during the 14th century and is the oldest in the country. Guided tours are provided of the central tower surrounded by a barrier wall. The Gothic-style Verres Castle also welcomes guests. The expansive 14th century, five-story fortress was used as a military installation. Highlights of the pentagon-shaped Fenis Castle include the inner courtyard and its wooden balcony decorated with a variety of religious frescoes. 

Stargazers young and old enjoy touring the Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley and the Planetarium of Lignan. The OAVdA contains the impressive Heliophysics Laboratory, which enables researchers to monitor solar activity without fear of damaging eyesight. The teaching balcony boasts seven telescopes, and the Star Theatre enables guests to watch the sky. The Planetarium provides a virtual journey into outer space to see the planets, constellations, galaxies and unusual cosmos formations. 

The Aosta Valley has four botanical gardens, which provide outdoor enthusiasts with the chance to enjoy the Alpine scenery while learning more about local flora. One park is located at the Savoy Castle that also provides tours of the estate. The Chanousia gardens at Little St. Bernard pass features 1,600 types of native plants. The Paradisia gardens in the Paradiso National Park also has a geological exhibit and a butterfly garden. 

The valley has a number of historic mines that were used since Roman times to harvest copper, iron and gold. The Brusson mine provides access via a modern building that overlooks the valley. The facility enables guests or explore the interesting underground atmosphere of the Chamonsira Fenilliaz gold mine.

The Saint-Marcel mine dates back to the Roman occupation. The site was important for its copper, iron and manganese deposits. Guests are welcome to take a guided underground tour of the different galleries. The Eve-Verda spring is a sight to see with its greenish-blue color due to mineral deposits. 

There are many structural sites remaining that were constructed by the Romans. See the amazing forum and cryptoporticus. See the remains of a Roman villa and walk through the Porta Praetoria. 

Rather than staying in a traditional hotel or resort, visitors have the option of reserving a holiday home in Aosta Valley. In this way, guests enjoy a vast amount of space and privacy away from the public. The accommodations provide the chance to prepare meals, do laundry and enjoy the tranquility of a private space.

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