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Experience Gorgeous Aeroe

For a relaxing holiday getaway spent strolling on gorgeous beaches or lush hillside pastures, or a day learning first-hand about a region with a profound connection to the sea, Aeroe (styled "Ærø" by locals) is a charming island and seaside retreat that features stunning gardens and proximity to wonderful museums and outdoor activities.

Without a doubt, a holiday home in Aeroe offers great opportunities for relaxing and learning that will charm all age levels and interests. 

For family fun, try taking a trip into the island's largest town of Marstal, where the garden-lined streets and plethora of charming shops make for a great day trip.

Sample local snacks while taking a stroll, or head over to the Marstal Søfartsmuseum, an island favorite, where visitors are offered the chance to celebrate the region's maritime history, with exhibits focusing on the town's seafaring origins stretching back hundreds of years. These include stunning recreations of old ships and sailing vessels, artwork based around the area's deep connection with the shipping history, and fascinating information about Marstal's role in wooden shipbuilding during the Danish golden age of seafaring. 

Lined with gorgeous one-story homes preserved to retain their signature look from a bygone era, the town of Ærøskøbing on the island is also a great place to spend the day. A center for commercial fishing on the island dating back to Medieval times, Ærøskøbing today is renowned for its cultural heritage, having won the Europa Nostra prize in 2002 for its degree of historical preservation.

The work of countless blacksmiths, carpenters, and other skilled tradesmen has turned the town into a true jewel in the Danish countryside. Don't tell that to other tourists, however; part of the town's charm is its quiet and relaxed atmosphere, making it one of the region's best-kept secrets.

With its rolling pastures and scenic countryside, Aeroe is also a truly fantastic place for families to ride bicycles, plan picnics, and hike nearby hills and cliffs for stunning vistas unique to the region. The island stays cool in summer because of its gentle sea breezes, and no trip to Aeroe would be complete without a few day-long journeys into the outdoors or time spent reading a favorite book in the shade. 

For these reasons, a family trip to Aeroe offers the opportunity of a lifetime for visitors of all ages. It's little wonder that so many of the island's devotees return again and again: Aeroe is a truly magical place with something for everyone.

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