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Making the Most of Your Croatian Holiday

Croatia is growing in popularity as a hotspot vacation destination for families and young couples. The area is surging in tourism after the recent struggles for independence in the late 1990s. Now, the country opens their doors with open arms and is committed to rebuilding what was lost during the war.

Any visitor of the area can attest the people are friendly, the scenery is unparalleled, and the eclectic blend of history and modernism is top notch. Here awesome of Croatia's top attracts you won't want to miss: 

If your family loves staying active and appreciates natural wonders a visit to the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park will definitely satisfy. Located in central Croatia the forested area enjoys a web of 16 lakes connected by a modern boardwalk. Along the way guests will enjoy stunning waterfalls, limestone canyons, and unique wildlife. Plitvice definitely feels like a fairytale. 

If you're looking for an educational experience, you'll want to make a pit stop in Split. The famous Roman Emperor Diocletian nested here in the summer months and the remains of his palace are still intact. Guests can explore a local market weaved throughout the palace walls, enjoy a drink on the outskirts or climb to the top of the bell tower for a stunning view of the city and the ocean. The ancient history lessons found in Split are magnificent and perfect for the whole family. 

Also located close to Split, the Blue Cave is a famous water-logged sea cave in the Adriatic. With stiff stone walls no natural light is able to enter the cave so guests will be "wowed" by the sparkling natural blue experienced in the cave. You can take a guided boat tour or explore by kayak. Either way, the natural beauty is something you won't find anywhere else. 

If you and your family enjoy a more relaxed, scenic vacation a trip to one of the Croatian islands is a must-do. Even if you detour for a day or two, you'll bask in the local culture and slower pace of the islands. Enjoy a massage, a chilled-out day on the beach, or a wine tasting. Hvar and Brac are the two most popular islands, but ventures like Pag and Korcula are also trending. 

Dubrovnik is Croatia's shining star and most popular city. Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic Dubrovnik is a walled city that boasts a historic old town as well as a more modern pocket. The Old Town City Walls are the area's main attraction. Guests can walk the perimeter of the old town sneaking picturesque photos of the ocean and famous forts and castles while capturing the clay tinted rooftops of the city's domestic sphere. 

Overall, Croatia offers a nice blend of relaxation and activity that meets the needs of almost any family. If you're looking for a holiday home in Croatia you've hit the jackpot. Add this stunning country to your bucket list today!

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