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Kvarner Bay: An Idyllic Getaway in the Adriatic Sea

Travelers looking for a little family time alone should consider a holiday home in Kvarner Bay. Despite its isolated location, this territory along the seaside stretch of Croatia offers access to some of the most important landmarks in the region. 

If you're looking to set up camp in Kvarner Bay, you have a few different islands to choose from. Fortunately, most of these choices are accompanied by beautiful beaches. Whether you're looking to sunbathe off the coast of Cres Island at Lubenice Beach, take a dip in Stara Baska at Old Baska, or gaze out over Kampor's Suha Punta, you have plenty of options to explore the mostly desolate coastline in peace.

Kvarner Bay is a little off the beaten path for most travelers, and that makes it a prime location for visitors trying to slip away from the crowds of more popular Croatian vacation spots. If you're looking for more engaging family fun, Baška beach in Krk is rich with windsurfing opportunities and local merchants selling fresh ice cream. 

But there are a variety of thrilling manmade monuments to explore as well. The medieval architecture of Rab Town offers a delightful look into the past, and there's no better way to gaze down on the village than via the Bell Tower which overlooks the town square.

While the islands of Kvarner Bay may be quiet and remote, there are plenty of them to explore. Rab, Pag, Krk, Cres, and Losinj constitute the largest five, but there are plenty of smaller islands as well, and you can expect an enthusiastic welcoming from the locals who are used to seeing visitors. Out of these, the most popular are Hvar and Dubrovnik, although the popularity of these islands means that products and services are often pricier than you'll find elsewhere in the Bay and throughout Croatia.

Dubrovnik is a town of opulence, and that makes it a delight to explore. The majestic villas that were built during Austro-Hungarian occupation are still intact, and many are open for exploration. 

If no one in your family is prone to seasickness, a journey out on the bay itself is a necessity. Pleasure yachts are a popular sight around the islands, and they offer the best opportunity to explore the crystal blue waters. The dolphins in the bay are largely accustomed to humans, and they can sometimes be seen in the hundreds playing out in open waters. Then there are the beaches.

While the majority of Croatia's shoreline is rocky, the island of Rab boasts 22 different sandy bays, and it's accommodating both to long stretches of sunbathing and swimming out in the surrounding waves. Visitors are also encouraged to visit the island of Mali Lošinj which has become renowned for its beautiful and perfumed terraced gardens.

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