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Czech Republic

Experience the Historic Czech Republic

If you're looking to travel to a country rich in art, history, and architecture, the Czech Republic is the perfect choice. From the city of Prague to the beautiful countryside, this country has a lot to offer and is relatively affordable compared to many other destinations. 

Any trip to the Czech Republic would be incomplete without visiting the main city of Prague. Visit the Old Square, filled with Gothic architecture and always bustling with street performers.

The Prague Orloj, or Astronomical Clock, makes for the perfect photo opportunity. It is the world's oldest astronomical clock that is still operating, dating from the 15th century. Take a walk towards the castle along Charles Bridge and take in the view. 

While in Prague be sure to visit Prague Castle, or Prazsky Hrad. This castle dates from the ninth century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's actually free to enter the castle grounds and instead you pay for packages depending on which museums you want to visit. This is the largest castle complex in the world and includes St. Vitus Cathedral, a Gothic architectural masterpiece.

Also on the castle grounds is Golden Lane where you'll find small houses that used to belong to workers and servants. 

In the South Bohemian Region you'll find the medieval city of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a 13th century castle and cobblestone streets, this is the perfect town to explore and unwind. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking among the serene forests, and rafting on the Vltava River is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

If you want to spend a day exploring historical sites and taking in a beautiful landscape, Třebíč is a place to visit. This city is known for one of Europe's largest Jewish quarters, as well as the Basilica of St. Procopius. This is also a great chance to unwind and take in the beautiful countryside the Czech Republic is known for. 

Kids and adults alike will love the Prague Toy Museum. This the world's second largest toy exhibit and you will see toys from all throughout history and from all over the world. It isn't a very large museum, and is the perfect stop if you're sightseeing around the area. Another fun destination is the Lego Museum, with over 3,000 Lego models on display and a shop. 

Průhonice Castle, a short distance from Prague, is a great day trip for kids and adults alike. The castle gardens make for the perfect opportunity to unwind. The castle is also close to a fantastic water park, the Aquapalace Čestlice, which is the perfect way to end the day. To learn what life was like in a medieval town, visit Botanicus, where kids will enjoy making crafts, such as candles, coins, ropes, and more, while learning about the way that people lived centuries ago. 

If you love skiing in the Alps, you might want to check out the Czech Republic. Skiing in the Czech Republic's modest section of the Alps offers a unique and budget-friendly alpine experience. While smaller in scale compared to its neighboring Alpine countries, the Czech Republic's ski resorts provide excellent opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. These resorts are known for their affordability and family-friendly atmosphere, making them a great choice for beginners and those looking for a more relaxed skiing experience. At SNOWELL Ski Rental, you can book your ski equipment online before traveling.

A holiday home in The Czech Republic is the perfect way to experience everything this beautiful country has to offer.

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