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Wander The Cobblestone Streets Of Prague

In recent years, Prague has become one of the hottest cities in Europe for international tourism.

Once see this city’s cobblestone streets, historic bridges, and soaring castles, you’ll quickly understand why so many people are flocking to the Czech capital. The best way to fully enjoy this city with your family is to rent a holiday home in Prague. 

One of the best places to begin any tour of Prague is in the center of the Old Town district. In the city’s charming Old Town Square, take a moment to admire the wide range of architectural styles from the Gothic through the Baroque eras.

Probably the most photographed site in the Old Town Square is a massive Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Hall. Called Pražský orloj in Czech, this 15th century clock delights tourists every hour with a display featuring the 12 apostles, the figure of Death, and a Turk. 

Another fascinating attraction in the Old Town is the Speculum Alchemiae. Located inside a UNESCO-recognized historic building, this museum is dedicated to exploring the complex history of the alchemical sciences in Prague. Besides presenting artifacts and laboratories, this museum also has an underground network of catacombs guests can explore, if they dare! 

The most popular attraction in Prague, however, is the city’s castle complex. Be sure to gather around noon in front of the 9th century castle to see a spectacular changing of the guard ceremony. While in the complex, it’s highly recommended you visit the soaring St. Vitus Cathedral, which contains many beautiful stained glass windows, gargoyle statuary, and the gold-decorated St. Wenceslas Chapel. 

Another stunning attraction in the Prague Castle complex is the Old Royal Palace, which is considered to have one of the largest vaulted ceilings in all of Europe. In addition to enjoying the Old Royal Palace’s architecture, visitors can see many impressive castle relics in the palace’s “Story of Prague Castle” exhibition area. 

Once you’ve finished in the castle complex, take a stroll across Prague’s most famous bridge: the Charles Bridge. Completed in 1402, this stone bridge measures over 2,000 feet long and connects the castle area with the Old Town. It’s a great idea to walk over this bridge during sunrise or sunset to enjoy the most romantic views of Prague Castle. 

Anyone interested in art must plan on visiting Prague’s Czech National Gallery. Interestingly, this massive museum is split up into different historical buildings throughout the capital city. So, you get two for the price of one with admission to the National Gallery: you can enjoy splendid art and historic architecture at the same time!

Most of the important early Czech art up to the Baroque era is in Sternberg Palace, but there are also wonderful collections attached to the National Gallery in St. George Convent and the Veletržní Palace. 

Finally, one of the best places to bring the kids while in Prague is the city’s highly acclaimed zoo. Measuring almost 60 hectares, the Prague Zoo has 12 pavilions that house just over 5,000 specimens. The most popular animals at the Prague Zoo are the elephants, gorillas, and lions.

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