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Natural Beauty in Geilo

Geilo is a lovely town located in Eastern Norway. Easily accessible by train, Geilo is the place to go if you want to relax while being surrounded by nature.

The town is famous for its skiing locations and hiking paths. If you’ve found your holiday home in Geilo, here are some of the things you can do.

First of all, the activities vary a lot depending on whether you visit in the summer or winter. Also remember that winter in Geilo is long - lasting from November to April. In summer you can have a lot of fun playing in the water - rafting and river boarding are common activities, as well as kayaking and just plain swimming. 

Geilo also features the Rallarvegen - one of Norway's longest cycling paths, spanning 82 kilometers! It'll take you along the mountains on a beautiful path. Bring your bike or rent one in town! You won't regret it. If you want to see ice during the summer, then you can always take a hike on one of Geilo’s glaciers.

In winter, Geilo is completely blanketed in snow. This makes it a great location for not only skiing, but also snow-shoeing and dog-sledding. Moreover, you can always take a horse-drawn sled around town! Build snowmen and snow angels, fight with snowballs and do everything you enjoy in the snow. If you’ve ever wanted to visit a snowy winter wonderland, Geilo is truly the place to go. 

If you care a lot about the environment, Geilo might also appeal to you for this reason. The town of Geilo has made a commitment to developing in a sustainable manner and to ensure that its tourism sector does as little damage to the surrounding nature as possible. The town relies heavily upon these woods, so it makes sense to preserve them for generations to come. 

Truly, Geilo's most remarkable feature is its surrounding forests. With rushing rivers and looming trees, you will find a sense of the wild and untamed in Geilo's surroundings. If you've ever just wanted to get away from stressful days at home and go somewhere where you can be close to nature, then Geilo will certainly appeal to you. 

Many places sell locally-made, artisanal dairy products such as cheese and sour cream. Others sell locally-made sausages and smoked salmon. The local foods are well worth a try, since you know they'll be fresh and completely different from anything you can get at the supermarket. Most restaurants also sell a variety of traditional Norwegian foods.

Overall, Geilo is a beautiful and cozy town surrounded by stunning natural features. If you like the outdoors, it is more than worth a visit!

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