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Norway is a Wonderland of Thrills for Family Holiday

Those who are seeking a different kind of adventure for the entire family should seek a holiday home in Norway.

Some of the most exciting elements of a holiday in Norway involved outside adventure.

This gives you the chance to get the family away from technology and see the wilderness in a new way. 

Whale watching is something most families put on their “must see” list when visiting Norway. There are several quality companies that offer tours, but the best reviews are for Sea Safari Andenes in Nordland. This company has both whale and bird watching tours. 

Most of those who have experienced the whale tours say families should go on RIB boats for the best experience. The landscape is gorgeous, even if you can't easily spot whales. Be aware that weather can affect the tours and there is no guarantee that you will find whales, but a quality staff knows where to look and how to approach. Also, be sure to find tours where there are only a few boats out as massive tourism tends to drive whales away. 

The Northern Lights are something everyone will remember forever, so it is a must see for a family staying in Norway. The best place to go to see the lights is Alta, Finnmark's largest town. Alta is the site of the first Northern Light observatory, built in the late 1800s. 

The best time to see the lights is when it is the darkest and the skies are clear, so the advised months to plan for a trip are March, April, September, and October. 

Dog sledding is an activity you can't really experience in many places around the world and Norway specializes in dog-sledding tours. There are many small, family-owned businesses offering tours that get you out into the open air, flying across the powdered hills just as people did a century ago. 

The experience is enhanced by families bonding with the dogs and learning more about this old form of travel. Dog-sledding is even available after the last snow, so you can enjoy Norway's late winter days with some adventure among the hills and mountains. 

Norway is incredibly family friendly with those working at tourist attractions working to be the utmost accommodating to children. That means the whole family is sure to have a stress-free holiday they can enjoy. The sights and sounds of Norway is a unique experience the whole family will remember forever.

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