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Visit Charming Vraadal in Norway

The small town of Vraadal in southeastern Norway is a popular destination for both winter and summer outdoor activities.

The town, which has a year-round population of less than 250, is quaint and beautiful.

Travelers of all ages will enjoy a variety of activities, from mountain biking and canoeing to skiing and tobogganing. Find a holiday home in Vraadal and plan your trip today! 

If you visit during the summer, begin your trip at Lake Nisser with a canoe, kayak, or motorboat. All are available to rent at the lake. Make sure you dock your boat and take a dip in the water, which is surprisingly warm in the summer (about 20-22 degrees).

Then you can enjoy a nice picnic or barbecue on one of the lake’s sandy beaches. You can also fish in Lake Nisser, as well as Lake Vravatn. The lakes are stocked with trout, arctic char, and perch, which are easiest to catch in June and August. 

After spending a day on the water, a visit to Vraadal Slusemuseum will help explain the history of water transportation in the area, particularly the use of locks to move across the area’s lakes and the history of their construction.

Vraadal has the highest standing locks in Northern Europe. Vraadal also has a small art gallery, Galleri Lalla, which features an exhibition on Louis Moe. A children’s author and illustrator, Moe spent time in Vraadal from the early 1900s to World War II. 

Other summer activities include Vraadal’s beautiful mountain bike park, hiking the surrounded wooded mountains, and looking for wildlife. Both beaver and moose are common in the area, and you can take a beaver safari tour to learn more about them and get a chance to see them in their natural habitat. 

For a day trip out of Vraadal, visit the Kristiansand Zoo and Dyreparken. The property consists of an open-air zoo and theme park. Visit the cheetahs, Siberian tigers, camels, and more before visiting the Cardamom Town theme park, which is based on a popular children’s story. 

Winter is also perfect in Vraadal, and the Vraadal Panorama Ski center offers both cross-country and alpine ski courses. After a day of skiing, get a massage or take a sleigh ride. Either activity will be a relaxing end to a fun-filled day. 
Tobogganing is another popular winter pastime in Vraadal, and there are a few different tracks for day and evening tobogganing. Night tobogganing, complete with floodlights, is a must! 

Don’t wait! Book a trip to Vraadal and discover why this tiny Norwegian town has been a favorite among travelers for decades.

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