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Living Like Locals in Lisbon!

Lisbon was once a hidden gem of a city, loved by locals and the repeat visitors who'd been bewitched by its charms.

Those days are long gone as Lisbon has become an extremely popular holiday destination for visitors from all over the world. Families love the wide range of activities. 

Renting a holiday home in Lisbon allows you and your family to really live like locals. You can relax at home base as everyone decides how to spend the day.

Since Lisbon is one of Europe’s sunniest cities, heading to the nearby seaside towns Cascais and Estoril for a day trip is a no-brainer. Hop on a train operated by Comboios de Portgual (CP), Portugal’s national train company, and in under an hour, you and the kids will be enjoying warm, sandy beaches, cool ocean waters and yummy food! 

Hiking to the top of one of Portugal’s famous seven hills may be too much for little (and big) feet, so the number 28 tram is here to save the day.The perfect sightseeing vehicle, It scales the Lisbon’s famous peaks as it goes from one fun-filled neighborhood to the next. The Basilica de Estrela is just one of the awesome sights that you’ll ll ooh and ahh at as you ride merrily along. 

The little ones won’t forgive you if you skip the Jardim Zoologico de Lisboa. Lisbon’s great city zoo is filled with all of the snakes, big cats and monkeys that kids come to zoos for. Hop-on, hop-off trams that take you from exhibit to exhibit help stave off exhaustion. 

Even though Lisbon is pretty much sunny all year round, it’s possible that you’ll experience a rainy day or two during your visit. There are plenty of rainy-day activities throughout Lisbon that will keep everyone super entertained.

KidZania Lisboa is a child-sized replica of a real city! Located inside the Dolce Vita Tejo shopping mall, your kids can play act their way through jobs and experiences, earning money and having a blast. 

If you want to experience the feeling of spending a day in a storybook town, Sintra has to be on the list. Filled with brightly colored gothic-styled castles like the National Palace and the lemon-hued Monserrate Palace Sintra, this UNESCO World Heritage town will make everyone feel like they’re in a make-believe land. After spending a morning exploring, head over to one of many ice cream shops or cafes for a sumptuous treat. 

Don’t forget to visit the local markets for an introduction to what real. Your kids - and maybe you - will be blown away by all of the wonderful examples of Portuguese cuisine. Barrels filled with live eels, octopus, snails and other goodies that grace Portuguese tables every night are on full display. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something that you can cook at the house later on in the evening together with the entire family.

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    At Feline you will always find the largest selection of beautifully situated holiday homes Portugal. Easy and safe booking online. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
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