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The Best Destinations in Portugal for Family Holidays

Understandably, Portugal is one of the most popular travel destinations on the globe.

A sunny country rich in culture and beautiful natural locations that will bring you profound tranquility.

Portugal is among the safest countries in the world making it a fantastic place for your next family holiday getaway!

No matter how young or old the members of your family are, Portugal has something everyone will love! 

Due to high temperatures during summer months combined with the fact that it is the busiest tourist season, families with younger children should consider traveling in the spring and fall. Many families traveling to Portugal for the holidays usually go to the western Algarve region, near the coastline on the southern edge of Portugal. 

There is no lack of natural beauty in Portugal for families to enjoy together. Your family could literally capture postcard-worthy photos and explore a new beach every day just by walking the shoreline!

Throughout the islands of Portugal, your family will be blown away by the lovely sandy coasts, cliffs, cove beaches, and rock formations. The kids will have the time of their lives sliding down massive sand dunes, looking at cool caves and competing to find the biggest seashells! 

Hands down the most well-known beach in Algarve is the Praia da Marinha. Known for its arches and towers, this beach is well worth a visit. Among some of the most noteworthy beaches in Portugal is the Praia da Bordeira which is known for its very unique giant sand dunes and shallow waters that make it safe for kids to swim. Both these beaches are popular with surfers and tend to more crowded.

Praia da Cordoama and Castelejo are less populated beaches located on the west coast that are perfect for families with small children who prefer less congestion. 

Another very popular scenic tourist spot in the Algarve region is the Algar Seco Cliffs. These cliffs are a famous destination to get great photographs and a boat tour.

For the athletes in the family, some of the world’s best golf courses are located in Portugal so be sure to check them out! Confident swimmers wanting to enjoy deeper waters can check out some of the available sea inflatables for the ocean. There are also stunning hiking trails like the popular Seven Hanging Valley trail along the cost in Lagoa. 

The Aquashow is one of the famous waterparks in Portugal that is well worth a visit. There are also multiple zoos that the kids will love! Other attractions include the very well-known Lisbon Oceanarium, yellow tram rides, cable car and parks, the interactive science- center Pavilhao do Conhecimento, tuk-tuk tours of Lisbon, dolphin watching tours, high ropes adventure parks. 

The care, service, and attention families receive in Portugal is unmatched! From toddlers to teens, there is an attraction that will suit everybody’s taste during the holiday in Portugal. With all the group fun awaiting your family, be on top of the ball and book your Holiday home in Portugal today.

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