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Lolland – The Island of Family Fun

Although it is often disregarded as a traffic connection between Copenhagen and Germany, Lolland is the perfect holiday for families in Denmark.

Its activities will enthrall every family member, regardless of age and preference. You can tour the island on cycling paths, amuse the kids at the Aquadome, and experience Danish culture in quaint towns. 

Lolland is an island that should be explored leisurely, so renting a holiday home on Lolland gives you the opportunity to spend time discovering its many attractions.

When you leave home, one of the best ways to tour is to rent bicycles and take advantage of the island’s excellent network of easy, level cycle paths. You can even cycle on the dykes and around the beautiful Maribo lakes. Towns serve as fun rest stops where you can get a bite to eat and see local sites. Walking is also an option, as there are several long-distance walking trails. 

When your children tire of the exercise, you can book a ticket for Denmark’s oldest private railway, the Bandhold-Maribo trainline. Its trains are old coaches pulled by classic steam engines. It travels through scenic fields and forests that you can view from the open platforms. Another option in the summer is the Postbåden ship, which conveys passengers from Nakskov to the Albuen peninsula.

The peninsula is an isolated area great for bird watching. It also has a lighthouse and a beach. This is a great place for adults to lie back and read a book while the kids play in the sand. The ship returns through the stunning Nakskov Fjord during sunset, providing you with lots of photo opportunities. 

Lolland also offers cultural activities to explore its heritage. In Maribo, Filandsmuseet is a small village of thatched huts from around Denmark, and Stiftsmuseum showcases a collection of suffering Christ figurines. Falsters Minder in Nykøbing F exhibits costumes, toys, and reconstructed rooms that help visitors interact with local history. 

Kids will especially love Lolland’s amusement parks, which will enchant even adults. The Lalandia Aquadome is a tropical waterpark with water slides of every size imaginable. It has pools with waves to splash about in and beach chairs to relax on. Your children will also love driving through Knuthenbork Safari Park, the largest wild animal park in Northern Europe with over 1,000 animals. At the end of the visit, they can also spend time swinging on the park’s adventure playground. 

Lolland even has a medieval castle surrounded by water and wooded grounds. Parts of the building have been rebuilt in a neo-Gothic style, giving this castle an unusual and intriguing look. While you are in the nearby town of Nysted, wander through its idyllic square and sense the memorable feeling of having gone back in time. You can also explore the forest and wetlands just outside the town. Child-friendly beaches like Holten Beach and Nysted Beaches are suited for windsurfing and play.

This quiet holiday will relax and entertain your whole family.

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