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Explore the Beauty of Moen

Moen is an island in Denmark that is one of the most magical places one can visit in the country.

The shore of the island is stretched by white cliffs which encompass luscious green forests. The beaches that expand through the shore hide small coves that are the home of Neolithic dwellings.

The night sky of Moen provides visitors with the darkest place for one to gaze at the stars. 

Some of the most beautiful places in all of Denmark are part of Moen. The small island has many attractions. The most symbolic point of attraction is the Moen Cliffs.

The long cliffs along the shore span for 3.7 miles with many other attractions along the way. These include a Cliff Forest, Mondemarke Hills, and Liselund Park. It could take a whole day to see all the attractions so people prefer to rent a holiday home on Moen to comfort them at the end of the long day. 

For those that love to explore the past of our planet, they can take a time-traveling experience back 70 million years ago at the GeoCenter Moen Klint. The rare exhibition will take one at the bottom of the ocean to experience the different genealogical ages through the work of technology, artists, and ancient fossils. The exhibition includes a workshop, climbing a cave, a dinosaur exhibition, and a glacier cinema. 

Visitors that want to see the whole island from afar can take a boat trip around the cliffs at the seaside. This way, one can really experience the beauty of Moen's seashore. 

The biggest town in Moen is the charming Stege with its timber homes and narrow streets. One can experience the past of the place as it was when it was only a market town in 1268. Nearby is the Stege Castle build in the 13th century. The medieval castle completely retains the Romanesque style in which it was built so many centuries ago. 

Does the whole family love sweets? Children will be up for a special surprise at the Moen bolcher - a traditional candy factory that creates its products with the original recipes. Children and adults can take part in creating lollipops under the guidance of experienced candy makers. For those that want to try, there are always free samples after production. 

Do you like labyrinths? If so, it is worth visiting the Kalvehave Maze Park that presents a challenge for all ages with a varying difficulty of the labyrinths. Besides the fun of trying to find your way through the maze, there are puzzles and games along the way that gives you the chance to rest a little while solving a puzzle. 

Moen is a great place to visit for both adults and children. If you want to experience the magic of nature and the history of our planet and Europe, Moen is one of the best places to visit.

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